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  1. very nice. The textures are high quality.
  2. This file has been reported as broken because: no files
  3. Does anyone have the following mods? I lost all my mods for both Knights of the Old Republic games when my hard drive died. Ambience and Music Improvement mods for Kotor 2 Handmaiden Reskin by Stoffe Coruscant Scene No Overlay Kreia to Dxun Tomb & Atton to Onderon The Sith Mask Hanharr’s Jedi Training 1.1 Force Concentration Force Annihilation Armored_Robes_v1.2 by Darth Darkus Saber&Melee Weapon Sound Mod 1.0.1
  4. Does it work with Kotor 1+2 and in Widescreen 1920x1080?
  5. Has Revenge of Revan Mod been recently updated?
  6. I have a Radeon HD 8670D APU and I'm getting constant black screens on load with Kotor 1. I used the flawless widescreen fix on the Star Wars Kotor 1 DVD collection version with the latest AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers. Is Kotor 1 too old to play on my current system?
  7. Can someone make the robes from TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade Mod compatible with TSL Movie Style Jedi Master Robes mod by Don Kain for me please?
  8. Can someone make the robes from TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade Mod compatible with TSL Movie Style Jedi Master Robes mod by Don Kain for me please? These are the links to the two mods http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/206-tsl-loot-and-immersion-upgrade/ http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/64-movie-style-jedi-master-robes/
  9. I'm using this mod TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade which I never used before along with The Restored Content Mod 1.8.2. Captain Riken won't talk about Dhagon Ghent after I eliminated all three captains. I think your mod messed it up. This has never happened before with any other install. Please tell me how to fix it so I can resume playing.

  10. The beta that is out is different than the demo?
  11. Can someone do a high quality reskin of him and turn him into the Mad Jedi Joruus C'baoth?
  12. Can someone make a new head texture for Canderous with a beard for Kotor1/Kotor 2 The Sith Lords please?
  13. Looking forward to this. Hope the animation style isn't kiddy like and is gritty and more mature looking. It would be cool if they have the Mad Jedi Joruus C' Baoth in it.
  14. What is the best card from Nvida that can run the game no problems like you would have with the ATI cards? and be Maxed out on settings?
  15. What mod's are compatible with Revenge of Revan? Are armor, force powers, upgrade bench, Lightsaber, melee, gun, skins, and feat mods compatible?
  16. Can someone make an armor skin for Mandalore with a cape for Kotor 2 please? I want him to look like he does in the comics.
  17. I'm looking for a mod to increase the amount of damage for rockets, grenades, darts for the wristlauncher. Is there one I can download?
  18. I just know its a Star Wars game and it's online only. Is this game moddable?
  19. New Kotor 2 like RPG, but set between EPIII and IV, cool. I hope it has the mad Jedi Joruus C' Baoth. He's awesome.
  20. That would be cool to see a Star Wars movie based on the two Kotor game.
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