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    I like awesome games. Thats why im here :)
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    In a Galaxy, far far away...
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    Being happy.
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    RC Lizard Killer
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    Kotor 1
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    KOTOR 2
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  1. Wonderin if you still tamper in modding, if so, do you want any help?

  2. Hi mate, I got your request :D

  3. Hows it going, havn't heard from you in a while.

  4. what was your old account name?

  5. Hows your start on modding? Got any projects in the works? ;)

  6. Is it too late to say congrates on ROTS?

  7. Hi udkcom, Im UltimateHk47, my youtube is uhk47. Ive commented on 2 of your videos. Just thought id say hi :)

  8. Advertising the tjm beta in my sig :)

  9. :D read your reply on the RoR thread. I recommended you giving modding a go. Its hard and a lengthy progress, and you'll need pationce, but its good for the mind and rewarding when done right :) PM me if you decide to try, ill give all the relevent threads and sites


    PS: Id leave a message on my profile in future, to avoid getting told of by mods for spamming :)

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