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    I like awesome games. Thats why im here :)
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    In a Galaxy, far far away...
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    Being happy.
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    RC Lizard Killer
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    KOTOR 2
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  1. Love the idea of HK47 assassination missions, and the bounty hunter with his own unique missions. It'd also be cool for the missions if you could choose your own way to complete them, (hacking, stealth, guns blazing, bribing, ect), which could end up giving a personal touch for the player. Idk, just suggestions.
  2. I have this same problem. Have you looked at fixes?
  3. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 60) The dark sword of the Sith Lord Ajunta Pall has been turned over to Master Uthar, bringing you one step closer to obtaining enough prestige to move on to the final test.
  4. I think a nice little fix to close it is all that's needed. I may have a go at it myself, to get back in shape, and what you say makes sense. It'd be handy if I could have a save game to access that near-exact point in the game. I think what would need to happen is when you are eligible for the final test, a script would fire after Uthar tells you to meet him, which would make all the journal entries go to the completion state like you had turned them in previously when getting prestige. Does that make sense? I'm rusty at this
  5. Hey, I haven't been on here for AGES, and I came back to see the community and how it was doing. So hi Well, I decided to start KotOR up again, and I've always got this glitch on Korriban, where you do ALL of the student tasks (kill the droids, retrieve the sword, ect), and you can only turn in a few, so they always remain there in your inventory like a bad smell. If anyone could suggest a way to fix this, or know any mod that helps, I'd be grateful. (I do know how to mod but it has been a long time since Kotor tool has even been opened).
  6. I'll be signing up for clan buisness, and Im looking forward to it, since subbing has always been a pain in the ass or me. Since ive never played any games like WoW or TOR It'll be new for me, with all the extra clickable(?) things On another note, does anyone know what the former player count was and what it is now?
  7. Well, this is what ive been waiting for. The only reason I never bought TOR is because of subscription. And now I can play for free I heaerd you can go up to level 50? I hope thats true but if its not i wont be bothered. I just want to give it a proper shot. Im sure many others are thinking the same thing, although im not sure how the subbers feel about this. I play other mmo's and i know the subs look down on the f2p's, for different reasons. So I ask all of you this; Thoughts on f2p? --------------------------------------------------------
  8. Links arn't working. Can someone give it to me? maybe via media fire?
  9. Wonderin if you still tamper in modding, if so, do you want any help?

  10. Hi mate, I got your request :D

  11. Hows it going, havn't heard from you in a while.

  12. Try and extract other files. Is it the particular models or is it the tool/systym that is failing. have you tried rebooting kotor tool? Well im no genie at kotor tool so im not sure what more advice I could give you.
  13. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/files/Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_II/Mods/Heads;8184
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