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  1. Quick Update Server is off at the moment but will bring it back in few months at the moment we are using home hosted Server Here is full Time Line for our RP The time RPG Darkness currently takes place is the year 152 ABY. In 139 ABY, the Fel Empire successfuly eliminated Darth Krayt's Empire, but just a few weeks afterwards Tasrix Thunder and his followers managed to overthrow the Fel government and create the New Republic. At the same time, a Mandalorian called Zeven Fett successfuly united the clans once more and created a Mandalorian Empire. The two new governments were nearly allies. After a few years, a Mandalorian named Thire began to grow weary of the failures of Zeven Fett as Mandalore. He created a Mandalorian Party to compete against him. Eventually, a Civil War broke out with Thire and his Mandalorian party victorious. Thire immediately started a series of changings of the Mandalorians as a whole, most notably replacing the title of Mandalore with Kaiser, and even the language of his kind. He declared 1 year later after the Civil War the Mandalorian Empire a Mandalorian Reich. Immediately he began to build the Mandalorian War Machine, new technologies and others. He began to conquer Independant and Neutral worlds near the planet of Mandalore, unnoticed by the New Republic. After creating a successful War Machine, the Kaiser declared war on the neighbouring Imperial Remnant, the remnants of the Fel Empire. The New Republic failed to intervene with the Mandalorian will in any way, and in the end the Imperial Remnant was defeated. Soon afterwards, a Sith Lord during the reign of Dark Lord Ivu (yes, we continued this from Vigilante in a way) returned and promised a new Sith Empire. The Sith Lord managed to gather the surviving Sith from the Sith Purge and managed to create a small, Sith Empire. He was eventually killed by the last Mandalore, Zeven Fett while going after a Bounty on Tarin Drake. With his death, one of the Sith Lords, Kalma, took Thirus' place as Dark Lord and eventually managed to create the Sith Empire. He conquered the Southern Imperial Remnant, where the Mandalorians couldn't reach in that period of time. He and the Kaiser met in a Sith Tomb on the world of Thule and managed to reach an alliance. Before the Sith Alliance, the Mandalorians encountered on Mandalore a species not known to the Galaxy: The Ahn'kanar. After holding Mandalore, the Kaiser and the Ahn'kanar leader reached an alliance and agreement. In the next 2 years the Mandalorians began to take interest in the Outer Rim worlds, and the High Command sent the newly created Tatooine Korps to secure Tatooine. The conquest of Tatooine took nearly 2 years, but the Korps eventually managed to eliminate all Criminal Activity there. Once again, the New Republic did not react. In 1 year, the Mandalorians attacked the New Republic world of Mon Calamari, thus declaring War. And since then, the Mandos; Sith and Ahn'kanar began to beat the New Republic, and eventually won the war. (Chapter I) As the Mandalorians and their allies became the leading governments of the Galaxy and unknown to them, the New Republic remnants began to create a ressistance movement, secretly. However, the new threats to Galactic Peace came from an entirely different place, in fact an entire different Galaxy. The remaining New Republic forces, while hiding in the Unknown Regions, accidentally got transported into a Wormhole which lead them to another completely different Galaxy. There, they met an advanced species known as the Tyrant Empire, which was composed of the Tyrants and Solarians, the latter serving as the main Naval force. In the Known Galaxy, the ruling powers made numerous technological advancements, mostly Military-wise, unlike the New Republic (now Endelaan Alliance) and their Tyrant allies, who preferred to stick to their stock technology. After preparing for a War, the Tyrant Empire with the Endelaan Alliance (EA) came into the Known Galaxy through a Wormhole located at Void Station, where they completely annihilated the Dacino Order’s capital, the said station. The Major Powers of the Known Galaxy swiftly intervened, and united to fight these invaders, however the Tyrant Empire managed to make a foothold in the Known Galaxy. Static Warfare commenced, until a year later the Solarians attacked the Mandalorian Reich from behind through a Wormhole at Zonama Sekot, and the Chiss through a Wormhole at Csilla. The Solarians managed to take over some Mandalorian Planets, however they were stopped at Dantooine, where the Mandalorians started a massive Counter-Attack. Fearing that the Tyrant Empire will be defeated, the Solarians held a secret diplomatic meeting with the Mandalorians, where they signed an agreement to become a Mandalorian Protectorate (Puppet-State), take over all the Tyrant Empire planets and keep their Society intact. Thus, after the document was signed, the Solarian Navy ‘’mysteriously’’ disappeared from the Known Galaxy, which allowed the heavily crippled Sith force at Csilla to make an alliance with the Chiss. Eventually, the Tyrant forces in the South of the Galaxy made a final daring Offensive to take over the Sith Empire, however they were soon forced to pull back when the Mandalorians attacked their own Galaxy through the Wormhole at Zonama Sekot. Before the Mandalorians started this Offensive however, they annexed neutral planets inside their Reich to fill the gaps, while also signing a document with the Yuuzhan Vong for mutual assistance. With the Solarian betrayal, and the assistance of a pro-Mandalorian EA split, the Tyrant Empire soon fell. Thus, the true winner of this war, was the Mandalorians. The Tyrant species was soon made extinct, to make sure they will not rise up again and become too ambitious for their own good. Thus, peace was restored. (Chapter II) But this peace didn’t truly last long, as the Sith Empire threatened the Dacino Order with a Declaration of War if they did not hand over all the undefended planets they took over when the Tyrant Empire made their final offensive. They signed, but this, combined with the Sith Empire attempting to frame the Dacino Order into War with the Mandalorians through unconventional means, gave the Mandalorians no choice but to kick out the Sith Empire of the Pact of Steel, with the Eredar following them. Thus, the Sith made their own alliance: the Sith Imperium, composed of the Eredar, Sith and Chiss. A Cold War soon started, between the Mandalorian Pact of Steel and the Sith Imperium. Whoever would win this Cold War, or a direct War, would determine the fate of the Galaxy for many generations. But a more pressing problem for the Mandalorian Reich is coming not from the Sith, but from the Socialist Movement who is trying to take over. The Jedi returned into the Known Galaxy, and merged with the Dacino Order, thus decreasing their relations with the Sith Imperium even more. In these dire times, everyone must commit to their beliefs, which are to either aid the Pact or the Imperium, and these people, are you. (Chapter III, present) Galaxy Map
  2. Hello we are RPG Community =RPG Darkness= we exist for abaut a year or somthing.We are pretey much active community but we need more people.We finally bought a server so we will be able to RP 24/7. Our RP timeline is abaut 156 ABY Sith,Mandalorians,Dacino Order,Ahn'kanar,Eredar have united against new threat called Tyrant Empire spicies that arived with there allies from another galaxy,They allied them self with The Endelaan Alliance (The Republic Remnant).(You can read the rest on the forum) You can Visit us at : http://s4.zetaboards.com/RPGDarkness/index/ Or on our server :
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