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  1. Hey, how have you been? :)

  2. What's everyones favourite alien race seen in KotOR and why? I like twi'leks(obviously) and probably rakatans because of all their history and stuff, which personally I think is quite interesting.
  3. Yeah I know it's not canonical but what I was trying to say was what does everyone think it would be if Revan had been female. Nice choices Darth Avlectus, personally I think either the 1st column, 1st row or 3rd column, 1st row.
  4. No sorry I've had a really busy couple of weeks, exams and all kinds of stuff :(


    I'll be able to work on it more from now on though because I shouldn't have too much going on. I'll try and keep you updated.

  5. Have you completed the music for the jedi temple ruins? You can take your time I just want to know.

  6. All of these sound like really good ideas but just to let you know, you seem to working under the assumption that we could use areas from both games, just some things you said gave me that idea, unfortunately this is not possible as it is against the law. Because all of the current TC mods use TSL as a base, anything you were going to use from KotOR 1, with the exception of characters, can't be used. However, a lot of areas from KotOR 1 could be modelled from scratch and then imported into TSL, so it's not the end of the world Anyway, as I said these are really good ideas and I will definately be adding a few here and there into my TC where they fit
  7. Well I'm currently working on a kotor 3 mod and these sound like really good ideas. Obviously I would have to modify them a bit to keep with my own story but if I've got permission I will try and get a few implemented. Have you got anything else?
  8. OK so we all know what male revan looks like now, with the release of TOR but my question to you is, what do you think revan's female face should look like?
  9. Ok, thanks. Just out of interest really, if you buy the account from someone else, do you have to use their characters or can you delete them and start fresh?
  10. I'd go to Onderon, it doesn't have the same threat of death that Korriban and Nar Shaddaa have, and it's not somewhere everyone would expect you to go, like Dantooine. I have to agree though, those jedi chose really stupid places to hide. Personally, I'd go somewhere like Tatooine or maybe even Taris if it's anything like what it was in TOR.
  11. To be honest, me and a few friends had a go at making a game based around kotor in unity a couple of years back, the project was eventually cancelled because of such a high workload. Still, it'd be interesting to have another go now, I know someone is playing around with the idea in UDK but I have no idea of any details.
  12. It's ok, I've done it myself before without even meaning to. It just pi***s people off when people just come on the forums to greif everyone. Anyway, to get back onto topic, has anyone heard anything else about this game christos brought up? It looks quite interesting.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm totally new to swtor and mmo's in general so bare with me So my friend has been playing tor for a while now but he want's to sell his account. I said I'd buy it off him but we were wondering first is this even possible, can you buy the game from a friend and do you have to use his account or your own. Please help, I really want this game. PS: Sorry if this has been asked before, if so could someone direct me there.
  14. there are various fan made 'kotor 3's in different stages of development. There's 'Revenge of Revan', 'The Jedi Masters' and my own 'Search for Revan', there's threads for all of them on holowan labs.
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