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  1. Yes, the basic setting is: seta disable_item_name_of_item_in_console "1" // removes seta disable_item_name_of_item_in_console "0" // puts back The name_of_item_in_console is just what you see when someone picks one up. So, for health and shield pickups you have the following: shield_sm_instant shield_lrg_instant medpak_instant medpak medpac Enjoy.
  2. Get a hold of me on MSN messenger or AIM sometime. Both are listed in my profile here. I also use ICQ, but not at work.
  3. Well, I haven't replied for a couple of reasons. First off, I was on vacation for a few weeks. Second, I've always asked that admins post their questions in a new thread, rather than tacking on to this one. That way, if someone else has the same question, or the answer, they are more likely to see the post. DSpawn: I'd want to see your command line and perhaps your startup spam to get a better idea what the problem was. I'd recommend you use seta instead of set for everything except map rotation items--that includes putting seta in front of rconpassword. Revan Bakr': The server.cfg file belongs in the base directory, along with the pk3 files. When you ask, "how do I include the coding inside?" what do you mean? If you mean, how do I get the server to use the config, you put +exec server.cfg at the end of your command line/shortcut. If you mean, what types of things should/can you put in the config, that's a bit more lengthly answer and I'd want to make sure that was the case before I went on and on about it.
  4. 1) I was under the impression that the smoothclients cvars were already on by default. What they do is enable player prediction so that players on bad connections don't "jump around" so much. Of course, errors in prediction can occur. 2) I would leave sv_padPackets at the default (off) since it's mostly likely going to add lag--or at least not help it. 3) The best number to use for maxfps is the default (20). Tweaking more than a very modest amount only increases lag in the vast majority of cases. 4) The idea with sv_maxrate is to provide clients with a good update rate without exceeding your bandwidth. Generally, anything over 10000 doesn't produce a noticable improvement while dropping it below 4000 tends to produce lag. Obviously, the more players are on a server, the more data needs to be relayed and thus, 4000 won't cut it. You may think, "well, I'll just set the maxrate really high and it'll just use my full bandwidth and stop there". The flaw with that is the server will TRY to use more bandwidth than you have and it'll cause lag. It's better to fit the maxrate to just under your upstream bandwidth.
  5. The console strips out quotes. That's also the reason it's impossible to kick players with spaces in their name without clientkick. I'd assume that the sv_hostname is set in the server.cfg (or whatever file was used). If that's the case, just /rcon rconpass exec server.cfg That will restart the server with whatever settings are present in the config...including the original sv_hostname. Enjoy.
  6. Try /rcon map_restart or /rcon reset_match Make sure you have already used /set rconpassword blahblah or insert the pass between /rcon and the command. Personally, I prefer map_restart.
  7. Add the following to your command line before you exec the server.cfg: +set vm_game 2 So, it should look something along these lines: ./jk2ded +set dedicated 2 +set vm_game 2 +exec server.cfg
  8. The reason you have gotten different answers and results from your test are because Raven changed the server behavior starting with 1.03. Prior to that, you COULD connect with a skin a pure server lacked and be seen in the default skin. After 1.03, you couldn't USE a skin a pure server lacked, but you should be able to connect to the server if you have the skin installed, but aren't using it. Give that a try.
  9. If you're running the server on the same machine that you are playing from, that might be part of the problem. Basically, a hitch warning is the server's way of saying "I'm reaching 100% cpu utilization". In other words, the server can't handle the number of players connected plus all the system overhead (other applications, OS, etc) at the same time. As far as the LAN lag, I've heard that the rate settings both client and server-side aren't enforced for LAN players. Thus, the server might be diverting all it's resources to the LAN and starving the internet players. That, however, is only what I've heard.
  10. I don't believe you can set the jk2 server to have multiple ip addresses, Now, it might be possible for the LAN clients to reach the server through the net. It's worth a shot. Another solution, although probably not optimal in your case, would be to have the server NOT be the router as well. Then you could have the server and client all inside the LAN completely and simply have the router send external packets on the server port to the server.
  11. How exactly are you trying to enter it? To set the rcon pass with the client so you don't need to type it every time, you'd use: /set rconpassword blahblah Then you can issue rcon commands like so: /rcon map ffa_bespin /rcon status ...and so on. Otherwise, you need to include the rcon password in the commands like so: /rcon blahblah map ffa_bespin /rcon blahblah status Of course, ou replace blahblah with your actual pass.
  12. Could you post your config here? My crystal ball is in the shop.
  13. The autodownload only applies to map files. Skins and models will NOT be downloaded automatically. Thus, you can have 1000 skins on your server (pure) and have downloads enabled and when a client (with downloads enabled) connects, they will only receive the current map file if they don't already have it. The clients need to go download the skins themselves.
  14. CPU-Type: AMD Athlon (Tbird) CPU-Rate: 900mhz RAM: 896mb PC133 (128k set aside for JK2) Bandwidth: T1 (75kB/s peak usage for JK2) Number of Players: 16 CPU-Usage: 25% average Operating-System: Linux RH 7.2 Gaming Type: CTF Saber Only I have run a duel server along side the CTF server without any difficulty.
  15. I'd be really surprised if the maxrate was really supposed to be B/s. The reason I say that is because I have a 16 player server with a maxrate of 7000. Now, when the server is completely packed the peak outbound is 75kB/s. So, per player that works out to 4.7kB/s when you'd think it would be 6.8kB/s. Now, before you suggest it, that is when the people on the server all have their rates set to something higher (typically 10000, sometimes 25000) and are thus limited to my 7000--as opposed to having a pack of 4000 rate modem users. I'm not saying I know what it's supposed to be, I'm just relaying my own personal experience with it.
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