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  1. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  2. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  3. I'm sorry, but I've been overwhelmed recently with modding, so I'm taking a break. And when I come back, there's several projects that need my attention.

  4. Ah, thought you were.

  5. ModHex is about halfway done.

  6. Do you know Fallen Guardian's Email address? He hasn't logged into LF or DS for a week and I need to contact him.

  7. In addition to HarIII's comment, Global Numbers can be negative or positive, and can be set anywhere from -492867...(I don't remember the full number) to positive that number.

  8. Hello, CChargin! I'm Fair Strides and I've recently made several modding tools using Perl, as well as updating KSE and DLGEditor.


    I'm going to be looking into MDLOps and see about deciphering the code, but I was wondering if you've discovered anything more to update your MDL info tables?



  9. Could you perhaps PM me MagnusII's email address? He hasn't sent me the KAurora Source Code yet, so I wanted to send an email and have him add it as an attachment in a reply...

  10. Just to let you know, I sent a PM about a month ago that hasn't been read yet.


    It's about some modding tools to be added to SWK...


    Also, I have another to add to it as well, if you want to add it.

  11. Well, are you up for helping me finish the Pazaak Tourney? All that's really left is gruntwork(dialogue to get to the Tournament, spawning a few more NPCs, two miscellaneous dlgs, and the ending cutscene that I'm currently working on...), and then we can go through the Leviathan together and get that sorted out.:)


    Are you able to get on Skype any time soon?

  12. So how was your trip, FG? I figured you've been back for awhile, but I wanted to give you time to rest up a bit first...

  13. Did you get a chance to re-send it, Magnus? I've heard from Quanon that you're internet can be sketchy sometimes...


    Should I perhaps email you and then you send it in a reply?

  14. Well, I am at home now and we've recently had issues with a very slow connection, so I'm not somewhat limited on my times...

  15. If necessary, just post in on mediafire or something. I can message you when I've received it and then you can delete it...

  16. Ever feel like doing area reskins? If so, this oughta broaden your options.:)


  17. Did you get my email right? I'm asking because I haven't received the KAurora Source yet...

  18. Hey, you able to get on Skype?


    I might have found a solution for your Carth Movement bug on the Leviathan. You mentioned .pth files, and I might have found a way to do it!

  19. Sending a PM, since there's a 1000 character limit to visitor messages...

  20. Hey, SilverEdge 9. I was doing some walkmesh-work for LDR, and we brought up the subject of Korriban.


    He mentioned that bos_wastes2 and bos_wastes4 have the grass sounds when you walk over them, due to the walkmesh setting. I can easily change this, but I wanted your permission before I release it to the public. Is it okay?

  21. Hey MagnusII, I'm Fair Strides. I've been coding some tools around here for a little while now, but I'm trying to follow the walkmesh format you detailed here:




    and I am at a loss as to how to get the number of faces are in a .wok file. If you could let me know a good way to count the faces I'd really appreciate it! :D

  22. You'd have to ask ZM about that. I'll relay it to him and then have him contact you on DS.

  23. Well, I just fixed a Moron's Bug, a bug that an experienced person should see but overlooks for it's unlikeliness...


    I was having issues with rank-recording in the Pazaak Tourney, but after four days I realize that I forgot to put break; statements in the switch-case loop...:(


    ZM is working on the Alien VO for it, I need to add some of Zhaboka's mandalorian lines, and then finish proofreading the dlgs for the Top Five.

  24. So, how's California, man? Hope you're having fun on your trip!

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