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  1. Given the way the mod is made, you really can't. Not without losing the mod's effects as far as the appearances and equipment go.
  2. Going by the list of the mods, I'm not sure what to tell you. All I can think of is that the K1 Enhancement mod gave more enemies the Force Drain power and the AI is using it more because more of them have the power.
  3. Let's start with something simple then. What are all the mods you have installed (if possible with links)? Also, don't worry about the .ncs file. If you had to dig it out with KotOR Tool, the game's already finding that one.
  4. I'm sorry for losing contact, Moebiuz. I forget where I was last at with this, so let me load it up later and I'll tell you what I was having issues with.
  5. Yes, I just wasn't sure if that was wanted as well... Would you just want the part around the waist, or would you also want the sash that trails between the legs? I don't recall that being a part of her design.
  6. Well, I have had to do a lot of re-mapping on the model to get it looking decent but I don't have any real skill in texturing so the texture is the vanilla one: The seams at the arms are only visible when standing still (except for a very small hole when moving in the back of the right arm), but I'm not entirely sure how much I can do to fix those.
  7. I could go ahead and try it, but I can't guarantee how well it'd work out in the end. I mean, I'll give it a few tests, sure. Could you perhaps send me a link to a texture to use while I'm doing it?
  8. Disclaimer: Hi, Astromech_technician. While I am not Logan23, I do work closely with him and we talk a lot on Skype about modding and RoR. Just to let you know that I'm not some nobody chiming in his two cents, I've been around here for just over four years as of next month, I've beta-tested Trex's The Jedi Masters before Trex released the 2.0 public version one December, and I've been the driving force behind K1R getting done. This I can totally respect, as KotOR modding has turned me into a hobbyist programmer. Even more respect since you're a woman. Then again, is the marketing department more equal, or is it still a male-dominated group? As far as I've been aware, they're doing a continuation with a new trilogy, not a reboot of the whole series... All I can say is that this close to the holidays, Logan has a lot going on and isn't in a situation right now to release much of anything. We definitely agree on the need for exposure. Personally, I can understand your reasoning on the "Release it as-is for Christmas", but as you've said, LF doesn't have much more than 100 active members, and a member-only release would only mean that around 100 people could play it, instead of an open release where a lot more people could play it. On the one hand, I understand and support the open-doors policy (I mean, all that takes is a regular update saying, "Hey guys! This is what's going on IRL right now, but I've gotten this done (insert list) and ran into these problems (insert list) (possibly insert pics)"). On the other, there is a definite new issue that would require a new "pipeline" of effort, time, and resources to combat when it comes to something like a GitHub for other people to mod the mod and "optimize" it: keeping continuity, theme, quality, and tone all in check and on-board with where Logan wants to take things. That'd be a monster in and of itself, I fear. I'd combat it, but then that would be time I couldn't spend on the project itself... There is that, but I imagine Logan has plans for how to get the feedback he'll need. Well, the secrecy around big projects has always been there (and going by gaming companies not spilling their guts about their games...); it's also to avoid spoiling the mod. Why play a big mod that you could invest 20 or more hours in if you already know what happens and there's no secrets for you to find? It would be pretty petty of me to get mad for not having the same opinion, so I think I'm quite calm. Cheers, Fair Strides
  9. I'm sorry, but could please explain better? As far as I understand it, you don't know where regedit is and you're new to this?
  10. Sadly, I haven't seen anything in the game's scripts or files that would enable this... I could experiment by removing things from the .gui file, though...
  11. You can bring them down to level 1 and reset their stats to whatever you had them in KSE by editing their .utc files in KotOR Tool. However, it's impossible to do the Character Generation interface after you've made your character...
  12. And at that point, it plays some movies and load the 001EBO level. So, any mods that would affect that level?
  13. Maybe a little more info would help? You know, like what happens when you start the game up, where it crashes, whether you've tried disabling movies, V-sync on/off, Grass and Shadows and Frame-Buffer Effects on/off, .etc...
  14. Can you tell me the "path" in the .gui file? For example: Controls->Struct 1->Text->StrRef
  15. You can edit the .gui control to switch that. I believe it's just a different TLK reference. If you open the .gui file in K-GFF, each of the Controls has a sort of GUI Tag (I wouldn't edit it) that you can use as a reference to try to figure out what you're looking at. Also, if you turn on the Use TLK files in one of the menus and load K1's TLK file, that should help as well.
  16. If you are referring to the Force Powers, Unchained, then I have it on my HDD. The read-me says it's the K1 test version, but I don't recall any other versions being released...
  17. That depends. 1. Did you give the path where your TSL was actually on your system when you made the registry entry? 2. Have you restarted your computer since then?
  18. How do I even tell which ones are the admins? I can't exactly find a list...
  19. I can definitely support this motion and exemplify this stance. This and Deadly Stream are really the only sites I've been involved in. I got into LF and KotOR 2 back when I was 15 (KotOR 1 back when I was 12) and honestly, here is where I learned to be social (well, more social than I was, still not that social in-person...) and computers. Hell, tk102 is the only reason why I learned to code and write programs... I think I'll try PMing the staff again. I wanted to be a moderator for the KotOR section and PM'ed Darth 333 once, but she's often busy with work (since she has to travel a lot). This time I'll try to contact a lot of the staff, or at least have one of them add the rest to the PM if possible. I can program, and code, and debug and test, but I'm always ready to learn more.
  20. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  21. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  22. I was planning on uploading that re-bundle of BoS:SR with the patches/fixes soon, but I have the BoS:SR 1.0 and 1.1 on my system.
  23. Does anyone have the following mods by Inyri Forge? Dark Path launcher Dead Sword Weighted Companion Cube Recruitable Kay Sound Patch
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