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  1. Hi everyone! It´s been a while since the last update, I was wondering if anyone came up with anything. If it really isn´t possible please let me know, so I don´t get my hopes up. Thanks anyway.


    I'm sorry for losing contact, Moebiuz. I forget where I was last at with this, so let me load it up later and I'll tell you what I was having issues with.

  2. Is there any possible way to keep the belt and the round buckle with the straps the original revan model had?


    Yes, I just wasn't sure if that was wanted as well...


    Would you just want the part around the waist, or would you also want the sash that trails between the legs? I don't recall that being a part of her design.

  3. Dont worry about the skin, I'll deal with that. Just let me know if there's anything I can help you with.


    Well, I have had to do a lot of re-mapping on the model to get it looking decent but I don't have any real skill in texturing so the texture is the vanilla one:




    The seams at the arms are only visible when standing still (except for a very small hole when moving in the back of the right arm), but I'm not entirely sure how much I can do to fix those.

  4. Hi guys! I'm new to Lucas Forums, don't really know if there are still active modders viewing this, but I'll give it a shot.


    I've been working on a couple of skins, and got the idea to create an Asajj Ventress PC, for TSL. In order to do that I would need to get the bottom part of the female Revan model (from the waist down, minus the cape) merged with the top part (from the waist up) of the female underwear model.


    Anyone up for it? Thanks in advance!


    I could go ahead and try it, but I can't guarantee how well it'd work out in the end. I mean, I'll give it a few tests, sure. Could you perhaps send me a link to a texture to use while I'm doing it?

  5. You know that annoying prompt that comes up when you're about to putchase a store item that costs more than one thousand credits? I wish it wasn't there because I like to be able to keep pressing Enter and buy up all the items as quickly as possible. This is especially irksome for items like thermal detonators, where the store usually stocks about five of them at a time.




    Sadly, I haven't seen anything in the game's scripts or files that would enable this... I could experiment by removing things from the .gui file, though...

  6. Hello all, long time fan of KOTOR, first time poster here. I've played it on xbox (ten years ago), recently put 2 months on the android version (that's a whole other ballgame) and just got the PC version today, mostly because modding is super limited on android.

    So the thing is, I want to make it to where you can do your party members like the PC insofar as creation and level ups go-that is, when they join your party you get to determine everything from Attributes down and then bring them up from level 1 to wherever they stop leveling when you get them.

    For example, you normally receive Carth at level 4 and he's already got his stats distributed; you can go either melee or ranged but he's going to excel more in one area than reach his full potential if you go the other route. Using the KSE I was able to calculate and redistribute his points and reset him to level 1, then level him up to 4 on Taris the way I wanted. After all, why should he have 14 in INT and 13 in STR if he gets 1 skill point and has a higher DEX and pistol focus?

    I understand this breaks canon and that the initial stats are reflective of the characters personalities, and could potentially break the game by making it too easy to power play everyone, don't really care though. Too often I refuse to use Zaalbar, Bastila, Mission, Juhani because they are either redundant or weaker than another choice or my PC.

    So the question is, how the hell do I get started? Is there a tool that can help me or do I need to learn some fancy code editing somewhere? If someone could just point me in the right direction I'd be thankful. I've got virtually no modding experience except a little pokemon rom hacking (not dissimilar to the KSE actually.)


    You can bring them down to level 1 and reset their stats to whatever you had them in KSE by editing their .utc files in KotOR Tool.


    However, it's impossible to do the Character Generation interface after you've made your character...

  7. Maybe a little more info would help?


    You know, like what happens when you start the game up, where it crashes, whether you've tried disabling movies, V-sync on/off, Grass and Shadows and Frame-Buffer Effects on/off, .etc...

  8. Well, I haven't gotten very far with classsel.gui in K-GFF (which I assume is the pertinent file). Plugging in the .tlk file didn't seem to help much for some reason, and most of the fields labeled as str refs had numbers too big to actually be a dialog.tlk reference (they were all 4294967295, the maximum value of a 32-bit unsigned integer, which I don't feel is just coincidence). There were a few smaller numbers, some of which made sense and one of which was, in fact, 135, which happens to be the reference to .tlk entry "Scoundrel". I tried messing with it and saw no difference.


    Can you tell me the "path" in the .gui file?


    For example: Controls->Struct 1->Text->StrRef

  9. After a little hiccup (using TSL's .2da files... oops), I now seem to have it working. The only issue is that the original class selection screen still says "Scoundrel", but I believe that's hardcoded. As soon as you select it, though, it properly displays "Smuggler", and the feat descriptions have been changed as well. You should be able to download it here. Lemme know if you have any problems.


    You can edit the .gui control to switch that. I believe it's just a different TLK reference.


    If you open the .gui file in K-GFF, each of the Controls has a sort of GUI Tag (I wouldn't edit it) that you can use as a reference to try to figure out what you're looking at.


    Also, if you turn on the Use TLK files in one of the menus and load K1's TLK file, that should help as well.

  10. Okay, KoTOR Tool auto detects my install folder for TSL, but it isn't giving me a tree to play with like it does for KoTOR 1. I had to create a registry for TSL and it seems to have worked as far as auto detecting, but I can't actually do anything with it. Anyone have any ideas why it might not be working?


    That depends.


    1. Did you give the path where your TSL was actually on your system when you made the registry entry?


    2. Have you restarted your computer since then?

  11. I, for one, am here to stay for the long haul, provided I don't meet with a tragic demise or something similarly unforeseen before the forums start jumping again.


    I can definitely support this motion and exemplify this stance.


    This and Deadly Stream are really the only sites I've been involved in. :) I got into LF and KotOR 2 back when I was 15 (KotOR 1 back when I was 12) and honestly, here is where I learned to be social (well, more social than I was, still not that social in-person...) and computers. Hell, tk102 is the only reason why I learned to code and write programs...


    I think I'll try PMing the staff again. I wanted to be a moderator for the KotOR section and PM'ed Darth 333 once, but she's often busy with work (since she has to travel a lot). This time I'll try to contact a lot of the staff, or at least have one of them add the rest to the PM if possible.


    I can program, and code, and debug and test, but I'm always ready to learn more.

  12. Now this is sorta amusing but does anybody have a copy of the 1.1 patch for Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge aswell as any other mods that I may have developed? What with KoTOR files down I'm struggling to reacquire all of my mods, haha. Hoping to reupload these to Deadlystream once I get a hold of everything.


    I was planning on uploading that re-bundle of BoS:SR with the patches/fixes soon, but I have the BoS:SR 1.0 and 1.1 on my system. :)

  13. I ran into an issue with T3M4. He disappeared. I'm wondering if anyone can make a mod where I do something to spawn him in and let him back in my party. (Or if anyone has a partytable script that has T3, Atton, and Kreia)


    It says "I am broken, very broken"


    [:EDIT:]/(I am restarting but I still wish this incase of future errors with this. I am also keeping it on backup incase I get this and can play again.)


    Well, that "I am broken, very broken" thing usually happens when you screw up or corrupt a character, so what were you doing in the game and/or in KSE before it happened?


    Also, a note for the future: right after the site goes down, it can take a few days to get people back to it, and most people don't spend all day on the site. As it is, you only allowed two hours for anybody to answer before saying, "Oh well, I'm restarting!"...

  14. Hi,


    I would like to play KotOR 1 in 640X480 resolution. These are the steps I have executed:


    1. Patched to exe to v1.03 (I have a retail 4 CD version)

    2. Ran Uniws to patch the new exe - selected KotOR (800X600) from the drop menu and set the boxes below to 640, 480 before running the patch

    3. Downloaded KoTOR - 1440X900 override folder created by one of the users of this forum - it has some tga and gui files

    4. Downsized the tga files from 1024X512 to 640X480 res

    5. Scaled all Extent fields in the gui files (used the nwn GFF editor for this) according to the target resolution - for width and left fields used 640/1440 * the value in those files and for height and top fields transformed according to 480/900*existing values


    My problem is that the main menu is not loading-up properly. Once I get into the game the dialogs, UI and maps are not visible. But if I alt-tab and reneter the game the UI and dialogs become visible - the mainmenu still doesn't show buttons though.



    My PC config is:

    Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1

    Core i7 from 2015

    Asus Mobo

    16 GB RAM (Gskill)

    Geforce GTX Titanx (single card config)

    60 GBB SSD (Kingston)

    PS/2 keyboard and mouse

    Viewsonic E771 17 inch CRT monitor

    LG DVD drive


    Request help to resolve the above. TIA


    Can't even imagine why you'd want that resolution when you have a Titan and 16GB of RAM... but if you're referring to the text not showing up on the main menu's buttons, I've had that issue before and never got it fixed.


    Also, I'm pretty sure editing the .gui files was unnecessary, since I'm pretty sure they start at 640x480 and upscale to the resolution.

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