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  1. After a long time without playing this game, I decided to get 100% on it again. However, I've found a problem: Episode I, Chapter 5. In the last part, where you need to save the pilots, there are 4 groups. Two of them have one droid and one pilot (platform on the far left corner and above the main door), one has two droids and two pilots (in the ground, near the fighters) and another one has one droid and two pilots (above the area where some droids come out, in the middle. Lifting a crate for another Jedi to help you is necessary to get there). Well, instead of having one droid and two pilots in this last area, there is only one pilot, and sometimes, nothing. This one pilot also won't go to the fighter. I've tried reinstalling the game, making another save, and even downloading a pirate version, but nothing worked. Any ideas?
  2. The files that corrsepond to these lines. They may be corrupted.
  3. Well, in the most extreme case, is there anyone that can give me the files, so I can replace then?
  4. Yeah, the square are becasue the modded lightsaber is still here. Anyway, there's no way I can find to make this damn admiral speak. Toruture, maybe?
  5. I've took all mods from the folder. But still, after uninstalling the mod, the Selkonian Lightsaber still is on the game. This was a blue color crystal adquirable by getting the star map of manaan. It also made the hilt blue. Altough, it's icons appears now as a big white square. Anyway, I had a mod that changed underwear, and it affected BOTH Carth and Bastila.
  6. The autosave is in the Female Dark Side save. The one with the problem is Male Light Side. Altough, before reinstalling, I've discovered that I had the save in another folder. Wouldn't be a probelm, except because I saved the Dark Side one in the same file! But everything was solved with a backup... However, I just use one save for each game. I think that should be better to do more than one, right?
  7. I was making a Dark Side with female Revan, altough I started before discovering this bug. If it's a mod , it's most likely the lightsaber one, since it uses an auto-installer, which could have messed with the files. What are the files to trigger this event? Maybe I can find if there's any probelm with then. The only save I have is right before entering the bridge. Is there any chance? PS: What's PITA?
  8. Everytime I finish fighting Saul, instead of giving the usual cutscene with Carth, It simply does nothing. May it be a corrupted save? I don't think it's a mod. My only ones are: Lightsaber hilt alterating mod. (Gives a new custom hilt for every party member, a new layout for the others and adds a Selkonian Saber Crystal) Deadeye Duncan on Manaan Being Able to kill Yuka Laka fullfiling HK-47's desire. Being able to kill Gorton (the Alien Hater of Taris) Texture Improvement Mod Note: Game fully updated and already reinstaled. Additional note: In my game, instead of the tradditional whiteish armor, the Sith armor is all black and a little shiny. What can this be? Anyway, my video board is an ATI, and I've heard this game has some sort of problems with this, like the Soft Shadows one.
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