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  1. Yeah, I got it off Steam; I'm able to join the servers and everything, but making them incorporates the problem listed above.
  2. Still didn't work :/ Xfire said that it failed to find steam when I tried to launch commando from it. Any other ideas?
  3. Yeah, I thought so :b But we're trying to find a way to make a server, have it show up in the lobby, and actually be playable. Any advice? :s
  4. Hey everyone (first post, have mercy!) My friend and I recently started playing RC alot online, and have been joining servers in order to play together. However, when we attempted to make our own servers, a couple things happened: 1. We made an undedicated server, which I have heard will not be visible in the lobby, so therefore we are unable to play. 2. I tried making a *dedicated* server, but this resulted in the game shutting down, providing an error message and saying that "Port 60575 made need to be opened to incoming traffic". Any attempts to open the port have resulted in failure... If anyone can please help out, someone, in trying to find the answer to this problem so that we can make a server (or even just tell us another way to make the server...), you have no idea how much this would be appreciated. Thank you! ~Swordfish
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