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  1. Thanks MM for the reply. I didn’t read the entire post after confirming it wasn’t another speed glitch. Thanks for the confirmation. After checking the control settings it actually turned out I was pressing the wrong key to take the grinder (duh!). On my version I always use “Enter” but for the grinder you have to press Plus or P. And I also half expected to drive the bone wagon through the tunnel entrance and into a maze at that point. I thought one of the characters mentioned something about it. I also expected the “Monster” to be a little Chihuahua or a mouse or something that only “sounds” terrifying . Anyway, finished the game and Wow! Very cool! Was so glad to see that mural finally completed! I was just going to mention to anyone interested, if you like this game I can recommend another similar one (only a bit darker) called Still Life 2 which I played once because it was only 5 bucks at office max, but it was awesome. Very similar in a lot of ways with a definite art-thing happening there. By a French company IIRC, was hard to get it to run right but it was well worth it.
  2. Question. Without giving too much away, I might need a hint. *** WARNING: May contain spoilers below *** I’m near the end of the game, in the underground rebel base. I already have the mask from the theater, the suit from the casino, and have sent the carrier pigeon to the weapon makers house. (He dropped through the vent and spilled the Spoutella. I placed the arm in the snow grinder, and returned the photo to the garbage can. My only 3 inventory items are the nitrogen, remote and scythe. The only task remaining (I assume) is to board the Bone Wagon and enter the maze, except I can’t board the bone wagon. It keeps saying “No use for it”. I have the remote, can lower it up and down, can also get crushed by the car, but I can’t get in the car. My question is: is this a software glitch – similar to the forklift glitch, or am I still missing something. Please do not ruin the game for me by providing any information other than a yes or no answer, Yes it’s another "Forklift" type glitch or No I’m still missing something. Thanks
  3. Nope, it isnt. I already checked and it's not mentioned anywhere, but thanks anyway.
  4. Yep, I’ve never found cheat codes to be particularly any more satisfying or continuity-preserving either, and they really should not be used for regular game play, unless you’re hopelessly stuck.
  5. I think it would be interesting to introduce females into the mix. A love interest. Someone who can sabotage a particle accelerator, and still bake a good cheese cake. After all, what good is conquering the galaxy if you don’t have someone to come home to? :-)
  6. Thanks Mandelor5 I like your escape method too. Very inventive.
  7. or "map mapname" that way you can load any map you want.
  8. Scorch: "With all these Trandoshans swarming, one would think we are not welcome!" .
  9. If you remember correctly, Sev was captured once before by the Trandocians (sp) and tortured for some reason, instead of simply being put to death. Maybe they were trying to gain information from him as to the whereabouts of his comrades, maybe they implanted a homing device somewhere in his body, or maybe they were just taking out their frustrations on him. Whatever the case, they came back for him. Probably to see if they could make a clone-commando of their own. The Delta squad meets back up with Sev at some point in the near future, (due to growth acceleration and pirated advanced Camino/Trandocian technology) but it’s not the real Sev. It’s a counterfeit sent to infiltrate the Republic forces. Scorch realizes there’s something not quite right about Sev, (if that’s even possible), and actually there’s something VERY not quite right about Sev, until they realize he has no memories of anything prior to their last mission together. Using a DNA trace they establish that the fake Sev is a copy originating from a secret Trandocian colony located somewhere near the Outer Rim Territories. In an effort to save their fallen comrade, they disobey orders, steal a shuttle and head out to find Sev and rescue him from the evil clutches of the Trandocian Soul Pirates. Considered deserters by their own army, with a Republic arrest warrant on their heels, and God knows what sinister fiends lay ahead, only in the next sequel will we find out if the elite Delta unit of the Republic Commandos is successful in their quest. .
  10. I thought the same thing too. BTW I just KNEW Jan wasn't dead in JO. I think the story line for both JO and JA were geared for ages 8 and up. It comes off as kind of corny in some places, I thought other parts were pretty clever and funny, like when Kyle says to Luke "You ALWAYS sense a disturbance in the Force", stuff like that :-) A more hard core version might alienate some of the younger players.
  11. By sheer accident I noticed that if you use the cheat code "setmindtrick" to a value greater than the implied maximum of 3 you can not only influence your opponent’s behavior, but you can also literally "possess" and control their body. So for example in the battle with Alora, you can take control of her body and force her to commit suicide without taking any damage to yourself. This appears to be an undocumented feature which has never been mentioned before which is unusual for a game that is nearly 10 years old. Good luck and MTFBWY
  12. Ah, very cool. I didn't know you could do that. Thanks Bill.
  13. Quick question. What's the map name for the final level, Tomb of Ragnos? I'd like to be able to use the "map mapname" code to go directly to the final battle if possible. TIA
  14. Did anyone else think Kyle sounded an awful lot like Bruce Boxleitner? I kept thinking, "He sounds an awful lot like Bruce, if Bruce was from the Bronx". A lot of "D's" for "TH's" Then it hit me... He's the Lone Ranger! Seriously, even the way he's dressed! Anyway, looked him up, turns out Jeff has a TON of credits to his resume... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0071818/ Lucas Arts sure spares no expense, and hires the best of the best.
  15. I would love to see another installment in the series. The one thing that separates Jedi games from most other FPS is the Light Saber and Force Powers. It really is an elegant weapon, unlike anything else out there. Maybe they will need to release another prequel/sequel to Star Wars before it will happen since they have already included just about every type of planet, vehicle, creature, race and weapon from the movies? Maybe they don't want to re-hash the same old thing?
  16. Yep, like I posted earlier, I just got the game at the local office supply store for $9, and cant stop playing it. Even though it's almost ten years old, the game play is awesome, and the carry over characters in the series really makes a big difference. Plus the replay value is very high too. When the story line is good it doesn't matter if the graphics are state of the art or not. Quality always stands the test of time.
  17. WARNING --- Spoilers may be contained below. Okay, so I'm playing Academy and get to the part where you finally catch up with Rosh and are basically given the chance to reek some revenge on his butt. Out of sheer instinct I naturally chose to spare his life (stay on the path of light) and did so in such a instinctive hurry, (this was after a few brewskies too btw) that I seriously did not realize you had a choice whether or not to kill him and join the dark side. After finishing the game, I read somewhere that you could actually choose to join the dark side, and truthfully had no idea there was an alternate ending to this game. So I went back and replayed that level just to find out what the difference was. Out of sheer investigative reporting only, I chose the Dark Side, and you know what?, it turns out you get all of these great perks, like a cell phone, free checking, frequent flyer miles, and 10% off all credit card purchases! Who Knew! No wonder it's so easy to be tempted by the Dark Side!!! As a Jedi, all you get is a crazy hair cut and a robe! (lol) Anyway, I ended the test and saw the alternate cut scenes and end game scenario. Awesome! In truth, I prefer the light side, and will never turn to the Dark Side (unless they throw in a time share on South Beach and a new set of golf clubs). :-)
  18. Just as an FYI, Office Max has re-released Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Battlefront and BFII for like $9 each. This is a GREAT series, and a must have for any Star Wars fan. I gather you can also get these titles on Steam?, but when I buy a video game (old school) I like to actually have the disc in my hand, sort of as a collectible, and also in case anything happens, anything at all, I still have a physical hard copy of the game. I never played any Star Wars game before, and someone on a forum recommended BFII as the pretty much definitive SW game, so I bought a copy on eBay, and have probably played and replayed it about 100 times so far. Then when I saw the Jedi Knight series at office max, I just bought all of them. Very cool, especially for a ten year old game. Still kinda buzzing on it, so came here just to chat with fellow Jedi. MTFBWY
  19. Maybe try running it on a different PC. Jedi-Academy is an older game and may run differently on newer PCs. Also the DEMO may behave differently than the full retail version. Mine crashes all the time, and only runs in 2 video modes. Full screen and windowed 648x480. {EDIT: Oops my bad. Double checked and mine runs 640x480, 1024x768 up to 1600x} Hope that helps?
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