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  1. In case you're still wondering, go to this website: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com and see for yourself
  2. In case you're still facing this problem, go to the place where you've installed kotor and double click swconfig.exe. Now uncheck disable movies.
  3. Another query. Here's what Wookiepedia's Harbinger article says: 1. Was Kreia unconscious when the Harbinger found her? Why wasn't she found when a search was conducted in the Ebon Hawk? 2. Who do you think the other corpses aboard the Ebon Hawk were? I thought Kreia, T3-M4 and 3C-FD were the only ones aboard the ship. 3. Some articles say that Atris orchestrated the Exile's return but some say that he/she was en route to meet Carth Onasi because he wanted to enquire about where Revan had gone? 4. The Harbinger was swarming with Sith Assassins. I wonder how Kreia managed to sneak the Exile onto the Ebon Hawk? 5. Did Sion pretend to be dead on purpose? There is a log in the medical bay of a Republic officer saying that he had sustained the injuries very recently, which isn't possible unless he was involved in a fight before being found on the Sith Warship.
  4. Here's what Wookiepedia says: I guess the manner of writing lead me to believe the Surik was a student of Kreia before the events of TSL too. Going a little off-topic, I'd like to say: I think more light can be shed on how Kreia and T3 united on their journey to find the Exile. There's a lot of potential games that can be made: One could cover Kreia's journey across both extremes of the Force, one could cover the Mandalorian Wars and the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, and yet another one could cover the Jedi Civil War. If only the developers worked on these ideas. Some are currently working on an RPG I believe. EDIT: Another question I have is - in Peragus the game stresses on the fact that the asteroid drift charts are constantly being updated. I get this message when control first shifts to T3 on Peragus and we're supposed to make a way for the Exile. When we, as T3, try to download the drift charts, the game says that if we download the drift charts now, they'll become obsolete for when we have to fly out with the Ebon Hawk. The console doesn't allow us to transfer the drift charts to the Hawk either, since its navicomputer is voice-locked. This being said, it doesn't make sense that we use the asteroid drift charts from the Harbinger right? Isn't that going to be obsolete by the time we board the Hawk and try to leave?
  5. That's because she did not see her? I'm assuming that had Atris seen her, she would've been able to identify her. But then again I recollect Kreia telling the Exile how she masks her presence, projects herself as irrelevant to the others so they don't recognise her.
  6. I'm running Windows 8 64 bit and the game crashes after the Obsidian movie during the launch of the game. This forced me to disable movies in the game's configuration but is there any way to play the movies without the game crashing? Otherwise it's working fine. Secondly, my monitor resolution is 1366 x 768 so is there any way to play Kotor 2 in full screen?
  7. By saying 'we' she might be referring to herself and T3. I've been curious about this for a while and would like this question answered too. The answer to this can be found on Wookiepedia as follows: In addition to your question, I would like to add another one: The Jedi Exile is said to be a former student of Kreia (Wookiepedia). Why then, is he/she unable to identify her in the morgue?
  8. Hello, I thought of learning how to mod a few days back and decided to give scripting a try since I already know C++ and don't know Photoshop/animation. Is there a place where I can learn KOTOR 2 scripting in detail from scratch? I've posted a question here too: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=212044


    Thanks :)

  9. Kreia says " I hate the Force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve so measure of balance, when countless lives are lost" What does this mean? But the Exile does not rely heavily on the Force? If he did, he wouldn't have been able to sever his connection?
  10. Nihilus and the Sith feed on Force sensitives, not the wound created by the Exile right? They themselves are wounds. Her death WAS a part of her plans to end the Force right? She wanted the Exile to kill her, which would send out echoes (whether this plan was a sound one or not is a different matter). Why would HER death seal the wound at Malachor? She has nothing to do with Malachor right? It's the Exile who's related to Malachor. And it is the destruction of Malachor that sealed the wound, not Kreia's death right?
  11. The cutscene plays only if we side with the Queen. And from the video, can you please tell me what Kreia means between 4:32 to 4:39? Well Kreia said that if echoes like the one the Exile created were created in succession, it would lead to the death of all Force sensitives. But I think the magnitude of these echoes are not all the same. Obviously, the magnitude of the echo created by the activation of the MSG is much larger than ones created by small acts of charity or cruelty. In order to kill these Force sensitives, an echo of a magnitude similar to the one created by the Exile at Malachor must be triggered, and Kreia thought that the magnitude of the echoes created due to her death at the hands of the Exile at Malachor would be enough to kill the Force Sensitives? Surely not? If she wants to kill Force Sensitives, she would have to come up with a better plan that would create echoes of a larger magnitude right? If she wanted echoes, she could've just let Nihilus consume Telos lol And when asked why Kreia chose the Exile when there were many other Jedi, she says "No Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force. It was mistake to make you try and feel it again, I see that now. There is no truth in the Force. But there is truth in you exile, and that is why I chose you" 1. It was the loss of lives that left a wound in the Force, not the severance of ties by the Exile. 2. Why was it a mistake to make the Exile try and feel the Force again? Didn't Kreia get what she wanted?
  12. Simply the voice of the person who locked the navicomputer will not be sufficient to unlock it. It is locked and unlocked by speaking a specific "sentence". So even if you do manage to record Kreia's voice, you wouldn't know which sentence she locked it with. And you don't even know that she is the one who has voice locked it, you only know that it is voice locked.
  13. The Exile tells Atton that they must go to Telos because the Sith are planning to attack it even before they leave Dantooine for the Academy. But I don't understand how they even come to know that Telos is going to be under attack? And how did the Ebon Hawk even reach the Academy? I thought the codes were only with the Handmaiden? If we side with the Queen on Onderon, there is a cut scene of Kreia telling Colonel Tobin to tell Nihilus to attack Telos and that there is a Jedi Academy there, but if we side with General Vaklu, who tells Nihilus to attack Telos? And why would Kreia want Nihilus to attack Telos? Nihilus could not sense the Jedi Council meeting on Dantooine (when they tried to strip the Exile of the Force) because it was difficult to sense Force Sensitives on such worlds, then does that make Telos any different? And when Atris asks Kreia who she is, Kreia says "I am the one who ordered him to be exiled". Is this true? Atris also says: "These Sith are spawned of you, spawned of the Mandalorian Wars... all those deaths, all those Jedi" So the Sith DID learn those techniques from the Exile? Atris said that Kreia was waiting at Malachor for the Exile, where she intended to create another echo that would deafen and kill all Force Sensitives. I wanted to ask, that how she intended to trigger another echo? By making the Exile kill her at the heart of Malachor? Then she succeeded didn't she? And Atris said that if the Exile did not follow her to Malachor, she will kill herself, resulting in the death of the Exile as well. Did she mean this or was it another one of her lies? I think she was speaking the truth, because if she killed herself on Malachor, the Exile would be caught unprepared and would die of the pain too (like on Dantooine (dark side version))
  14. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) This vid pretty much answers my questions. But after this scene, the Exile goes into the Ebon Hawk, where Atton says that the Handmaiden has taken Kreia to Atris. The Exile then answers, "Then we will have to go to there - the Sith will attack Telos" 1. How did the Handmaiden take Kreia to Atris without a flaming ship? 2. Who told the Exile that the Sith were about to attack Telos?
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