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    I love sports and star wars! I love to RP and I have a crazy imagination.
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    Georgia, USA
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    Writing, reading, video games, etc
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    Knights of the Old Republic
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  1. Indeed.... I fear for today's youth

  2. Elvis Priesly? Garbage? That's a new one.

  3. I get what you mean. I can't imagine those chapters would be boring. She is one of my favorite characters. Hmmm

  4. I've been thinking about reading them myself, but I've heard the Daenerys-related chapters are dreadfully boring. I may give it a shot anyway, though I don't think I want to read ahead of the show.

  5. Currently I only watch the show. I HAD the books but never got around to reading them... And we lost them along with half of my library when we moved. I love the story though and I can't wait to get the books again

  6. Thanks! He is rather smooth. Are you a show-only fan, or do you know how it's all gonna go down?

  7. I just wanted to tell you I love your avatar! Tyrion is awesome

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