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  1. It is possible to change difficulty setting by a cheat combination. Press backspace while in game and type in "i rule the world", then "i stink", then again "i stink" to get Hard difficulty. "i rule the world", then "i stink", to get even harder difficulty. "i rule the world", to get Very Hard difficulty. What it does is increasing enemies damage by 33 %, but remeber the game changes difficulty, depending on how well youre doing in the game. If you die many times, game might set it to default, so in every level you must type those cheats again.
  2. Oh, i think that he is still here, but not so active anymore. The last time i spoke to him was 04-17-2014, 03:25 PM, trough the message box. We were talking about that extra models he did and about the late developement of the game.
  3. Hey there Some time ago i ecnountered a DOS version of Super Star Wars, yet the DOS version newer had its official relase. From the "Readme" file i learned, that it was in its late beta version (almost complete, with a few bugs to fix), when it was scrapped and no one ever mentioned about it again. You can download the DOS version of Super Star Wars on many abandonware sites. I played it on Dosbox and it looks, sounds and plays amazing. Its waaay better than the SNES version. Now is there a person, which can share a few secrets with me about this Super Star Wars DOS UNREALASED version?? Mainly i wish to know, why it was scrapped when it was nearly complete and why the rest of the Super Star Wars trilogy was newer relased on DOS, or WIN 95 ??
  4. I think, that the second one was just pure random, so i dont think that there is a way to trigger it. Basically i just wanted to return back to the Hangar, when playing as Queen. (After the Curuscant level the game shifts you for a while to Obi Wan and then, when you enter the Hangar it goes to the animation, where Obi and Qui Gon meet Maul, then you play as the Queen again). So i was just screwing around for a while, close to the Hangar doors, when playing as Queen, but i dont thing that this triggered the Mauls clone bug. What i think that triggered it is the fact, that i played the whole game at the "60fps" cheat. Thanks to you i just found another AWESOME BUG. You can kill Darth Maul In the Hangar, right after Curuscant level, when the game lets you play as Obi Wan again. Just get close to the Hangar doors (dont enter the Hangar), when they open activate the "Naughty Naughty" cheat, to lower the camera. When the camera lowers, you will see Darth Maul standing in the hangar. Just draw you Blaster, Plasma fusion trigger. or Rocket launcher and KILL HIM !!! YAY!! The galaxy is saved again and Qui Gon survived LOLz You may also try to trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, by doing this. Again while playing as Obi Wan, after Coruscant level, get close to the hangar doors, enter Naughty Naughty cheat, shoot Maul few times (but dont Kill him) and then you might trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, but i newer tried it so im not sure.
  5. Hey there, im making a small instructions on "How to install & run Star Wars Battle for Naboo on Win XP 32\64 bit & Win Vista, 7, 8, 64 bit" 1. 32 bit systems: In case of 32 bit XP systems, you can install BFN normally, but you also need to download a "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH and put it to "Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder Link to the XP Patch: http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_sw_e1_battle_for_naboo.shtml 2. 64 bit systems: In case of all 64 bit system its a little bit more complicatd, becouse they simply wont support 16 bit installer, which Battle for Naboo is included with. You have to install it manually from the CD Instructions: -Create "Battle for Naboo" folder on disk C:\ -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo" folder copy and paste BattleforNaboo.exe file from the CD -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo" folder create 2 other folders "data_pc" & "install" -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder copy and paste these files from the "CD\Install" folder: **bfn.exe **data.bin **data.hdr -Create "saves" folder inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\data_pc" -Inside "C:\Battle for Naboo\install" folder copy and paste these files form the "CD\Install" folder: **back.wav **click.WAV **doc.exe **launch.bmp **LecSetup.dll **license.txt **messages.tab **open.wav **Product.tab **readme.rtf **readme.txt **setup.ini **Setup.tab **start.WAV **syscheck.exe **trouble.rtf **trouble.txt **url.exe Now, all you have to do is to put an entry, to the systems registry. -Create a .txt (notepad) file inside C:\Battle for Naboo. -put this into the file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\Battle for Naboo\Retail] "Analyze Path"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\install\\SysCheck.exe" "CD Path"="E:" "Executable"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\data_pc\\BFN.exe" "Install Path"="C:\\Battle for Naboo" "Launcher"="C:\\Battle for Naboo\\BattleForNaboo.exe" "Source Dir"=".\\" "Source Path"="." "UninstallString"="C:\\WINDOWS\\uninst.exe -f\"C:\\Battle for Naboo\\Install\\DeIsL1.isu\" -c\"C:\\Battle for Naboo\\Install\\LecSetup.dll\"" "InstallType"=dword:00000001 "Installed"=dword:00000002 "Registration"=dword:00000002 -save it as bfn.reg file and launch it. Now you have to download a "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH, and put it to "Battle for Naboo\data_pc" folder. You also have to set "Windows XP Service pack 2" compatibility in the file properties, otherwise you are going to have some bad time with clipping through objects in the game Link to the XP Patch: http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_sw_e1_battle_for_naboo.shtml NOTE! You can install the game on every disk and folder you want, not only "C:\Battle for Naboo", but you have to remember, to change the file paths in the bfn.reg NOTE!! Remeber about changeing the "No-CD/Fixed EXE/WinXP Fixed" PATCH file properties, to "Windows XP Service Pack 2" Otherwise the game wont launch, or you're going to have some clipping issues in the game. SPECIAL THANKS TO http://jilik1.blogspot.com/ FOR CREATING THE FIRST VERSION OF "HOW TO INSTALL BFN ON WINDOWS 7" MANUAL, WHICH THIS ONE WAS BASED ON.
  6. Hey everyone Back in the days in 2003, when i was a little brat, while reading a magizine about the newest relases i stuck upon a review about Star Wars KOTOR, for my first time. I got so excited, that i almost spilled my milk, all over my cookies. Then it all came back to my, all those amazing and exciting saber fights from Jedi Outcast, easy and so much satysfying to use force powers, but then i rolled my eyeballs on the "Genre section", which basically said "R...P...G". Then i thought to myself "Huh... an RPG game based on Star Wars? Thats something cool and unuasual" While i was reading all those praises, and the overall grade in the review (9/10) i was excited more and more, but there was one little thing, that concerned me. What about the saber fights, that thing which is so much iconic for all the Star Wars movies, games and overall being a Jedi. There was no info about it in the review, just only a few screenshots in the 3'rd person perspective view. Few months later, when i got my hands on the game i was so happy and started to play it immediately. After few days i completed it and the game was so amazing. The story was awesome, characters had so much depth in them, overall gamplay was darn good. Every single of my Star Wars fan needs were satysfied, except one. In terms of Saber fighting, it cut back to just pointing and clicking on enemies. Now im aware, that most of the RPG games are played like this, and it works fine for them, but in case of Star Wars, the fighting system should have more included, then just point and click at things. You see after playing Outcast, and then Academy i thought, that LucasArts would stick to this kind of Saber fighting idea, after all it was perfect. It was complex, yet easy to learn, so stysfying to use, so spectacular to watch. Combined with using force powers, it was a cherry on an ice cream sunday........ And then when KOTOR came out, they abandoned it..... Overall, my question here is. Dont you think that KOTOR would done better as an Hack&Slash/RPG game, then just Point&Click/RPG type of a game. I mean Kotor done great for what it was, and on the most sites/magazines, the overall grade were always 9, 8.5 etc. But ill bet, that if the saber fighting system and force using was more close to exciting and satysfying JO/JA, than just cut back to simple point and click at things, the overal grades would hit MAX 10/10 on every gamesite/magazine. Deep down in my Star Wars fan heart i still wish for a KOTOR mod or something, that would change the fighting system completely, but i know that it basically imposible to do so, oh well.... Or even better... Imagine a SW game, with KOTOR RPG like gameplay, combined with Hack&Slash type of saber fighting, force using from JO/JA. That would be so great.
  7. Hey there While i was setting a widescreen 1280x720 resolution in the obi.cfg file i noticed, that there are 2 unknown to me options: primary=0 evaluated=1 Could someone explain to me, what they do? Also can someone tell me, are there more options/commands, that i can screw around with in the obi.cfg file ?
  8. it an old topic i know, but it so happens that i know the answer to this question, becouse some time ago i enountered the same problem. Considering, that the forum is not so much alive enymore, im going to dig this one out. This might sound trivial, but what you have to do, is to reinstall your graphics card drivers. First try do download and install the newest ones. If this dosent work, then try to install older drivers, for your graphics card. It is important, to first try the newest ones, becouse i remeber, when back in the days i had the same problem on my Geeforce 8600GT. I installed the latest drivers for it and problem dissapeared. If installing the latest, or older drivers wont solve the problem, then try a little program called "3d analyzer" and if this dosent work, then your graphics card (or current version of your drivers) is simply incompatible with the game.
  9. First glitch, the most annoying one. On the newer systems, there is an annoying music bug, where from time, to time the music freezes, and costantly loops the same part. Second glitch, the most strangest i enountered. on my latest playthrough, in the Final Battle (Naboo Hangar), where you fight Dart Maul, alongside with Qui Gon Jinn i encountered a glitch, where there was Maul fighting Qui gon, and a second Darth Maul standing in the middle of the Hangar, doing nothing. I wanted to kill Darth Mauls clone, but it was invincible, so i went fighting the real one Third glitch, the most coolest and desired by everybody. You can pass through the falling platforms in Level one (Trade Federation battleship), though it is hard to do, and you need some skill, to achive that. I menage do do this in the demo version of Phantom Menace. I dont know if it is possible in the full version. I also heard, that it is easier to do in the PS1 version. You can see a video on Youtbe, where some guy is doing that on the PS1 version. There is nothing special behind the falling platforms, just a squared area, with closed door. There is also a place, where you can fall through the level in this area. Fourth glitch, the most useless one. Pass the falling platforms, in the vent area (Where your ship is blowing up) You can jump on that metal boarder/fence, close to zapping droids entrance. (You have to be close to the entrance though, otherwise Obi Wan slides down). Now, this is not really a gltich, but it is also worth mentioning. You can easly beat Maul, when you first encounter him on the Desert. Just draw your blaster, move/walk constantly backwards and shoot him every time he gets close to you. How it works is, when Maul gets close and attacks, he stops and gets blocked by his attack animation, yet by constantly moving/walking backwards, you can escape his attack range. He also cant deflect blaster shots, when he is in the attack animation. All you need is a little bit of skill, to get the moment, when he attacks. This is also not a bug, but remeber that little Gonk Droid, right at the start of level one. In the area, to the right from the conferance room, WHICH IS FILLING WITH POISONED GAS !! (Where you get a blaster, for the first time in the game) Well, if you wait a few minutes the Gonk Droid explodes, like a thermal detonator Oh, and the last bug/glitch/oversight. On the final battle with Darth Maul, in the generator room, when maul attacks with his saber, you can notice that Obi Wan is bleeding. It is very interesting, becouse when Obi Wan or Qui Gon attack with their lightsabers enemies like, Maul, merc's or aliens, then they dont bleed. Personally i think, that it is cool Somebody should make a mod, which would cause enemies other than droids to bleed, when attacked with players saber:)
  10. Hey there So, ive been interested in checking out the "NewObiWan" model, which i lately found of this forum, and i must say that i really like it. The model looks great, also i noticed that the weapon models were changed and now they look more detailed. I dont really know if the creator of this model is still a forum member, but would it be possible, to make a new models for the rest of the playable characters (Qui Gon, Panaka, Amidala) ?? I also have a question about the music bug. Would it be possible, to make some kind of fix/patch for that annoying music bug, in which the music gets stuck and constanty loops. I know that i can just go to sound options and reset the music, but it is still and annoying thing, especially when it happens in the middle of a battle. It just ruins the whole atmosphere
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