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  1. I didnt know the mod was still on. i thought it was dead
  2. can somebody help please? this error is getting annoying.
  3. ok this is the situation: my friend has (had, now idk if he has it anymore) kotor. he made me a backup of the game. it worked fine when i ran it on windows xp but now when i run it on vista i get this: "please instert the original disc instead of a backup" I've seen more people play it on vista with a backup. what is the problem?
  4. I was wondering what's happening right now (the most recent event in star wars history) like it's gotta end someday...let me give you an example: The timeline of KOTOR (the old rep. and old sith empire...) the 1st star wars episode (jedi order; sith -thought to be- extinct) the 2nd sw episode (clones) the 3rd (order 66) the 4th (republic crushed - not the new rep or the rebellion; the empire) after endor (timeline of DF2; JO; JA...) And after that whats the most recent event? i would really like to know because it's troubling my mind
  5. you can also change the weather conditions (im gonna give a list but with only the ones i remember): type r_we <wheater>: clear (clears all wheater conditions) rain rain_light rain_heavy rain_acid (yes it still does damage) fog heavyrainfog sand spacedust snow wind_speed <value> etc. btw the rain_light, bla bla they may not be rain_light but light_rain or whatever. sorry i couldn't remember EVERYTHING but theres probably more info if you google a bit...
  6. its really weird so i was on level 4 and i typed in "red5" i used sequencer charges to blow up weegee (yes, it's possible) and when he died i heard rahn say: the dark side is your choice or whatever i go to see my force points and i'm dark sided! i won like a lot of ds points. did anyone discovered this before?
  7. well that's a disappointment...real fans want to play KOTOR III not a damn MMO... (my opinion) personally, i enjoy playing single-player than multi-player and people just seem to focus on evolving multi-player stuff and for others who dont appreciate it so much it's really unfair
  8. whoa, i never saw reborns doing the healing effect so idk much about that. about high jumping i dont know how to do that, if it is possible or even illegal because it could involve modifying the single-player source code.
  9. 1st - that is a npc thing. every npc that has a force jump level can jump to wherever they want 2nd - that one i think its due to the fact that tavion is using a sith sword and that gives her the ability to regain health. that can be also found on Jedi Outcast on the last level: when you go through a beam of energy in the middle of the map you get invulnerable for a time. and the effects and graphics of that beam are the same as tavion's sith sword power. 3rd - i also noticed that too...you cant do that only they can (again, another npc thing...) 4rd - that case also repeats with the cultist commando ( a cultist that wields dual-pistols). they are there because they were leftovers that raven never introduced in the levels maybe they thought about doing so but they didn't. about the cultist destroyer funny thing: he uses a power that can suck force energy and then gets close to you, explodes and kills everything around him. you can spawn both these cultist on the console and see it by yourself. hope that helped!
  10. simple, but first do you have pakscape? Because if you do you can open the JA Assets (this is for ja right?) you can copy a npc named jedi and paste it on your desktop. open the .npc file with Notepad and edit want you want. Then remember to make a save as and put a different name that doesn't overwrite any of the original npcs. open pakscape->create a new file->create new folder->name it ext_data->inside it create another folder->name it npcs->inside it paste your new npc that you created. Or, i can make that for you, upload the file and then you download it and all you have to do is extract it to a folder inside JA called 'base'. But you must have Win RAR because the file that you upload is .rar you open it select all the files inside and extract them. now i can do that for you or you can make it on your own with my help, how do you want it?
  11. well on notepad it is more simple to do this because there is this: Name ... Saber <Saber's name> Sabercolor 1 <Type color> Sabercolor 2 <Type color> This is useful because you can change the color to green for example. But to have the Qui-gon hilt...you must download it. After that, with a program called PakScape you can go to ext_data->saber>saber_quigon then on notepad you edit this: saber quigon then you save the file as .npc, open pakscape put it on a pk3 files (ext_data->npcs->quigon <Supposing that your custom npc is there>) To open a .npc file with Notepad is easy: right-click on the .npc file-> Open With-> Notepad It is very simple belive me when you open it with notepad you will totally undersant how it works. There you can change is health, force powers, class etc. If you still dont know how to do this i'll upload a file to you tomorrow when i can acess my laptop.
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