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  1. Jedi Knight IV: Survivors of the New Republic ---------------------------------------------- sounds like a good title to me You know, play as Jaden(Jedi Master), but this time assisted by Kyle/Luke. When i played in JK3 with Kyle it was better, more realistic. A few Jedi Knights are alive and they are refugees, fighting the Imperial Forces...and if they make JK4, maybe they will add Space Battles like in Battlefront 2. Im not a Star Wars ''geek'', i dont buy books/read novels about SW but i've been playing since Dark Forces...I know something about Star Wars, not the horrible(IMO) cartoons on CN.
  2. Can someone send me via PM the ORIGINAL autoexec.cfg file? I have now from, like 20 hilts only 5.......
  3. i found somewhere the "saber_green.tga" and "fx_grn.tga" files (may be the green lightsaber color effect) but i have no idea what to do next...
  4. I dont have much patience for this, and im afraid i will ruin my game...can you do it for me? Please, i get angry a lot if i fail I guess the dark side is strong in me Check your messages, i sent you the link with his hilt and with his skin as Kyle.
  5. I got confused, i dont really need the hilt at all, since they are similar. But at least the color. Where do i create the Text Document with Notepad file? And what to put in it?
  6. I installed Quin Gon's skin in a .pk3 file, now i need to change his saber, you know, green with original hilt. I dont actually create it, i dont know how to edit it in Notepad :S
  7. Kyle's lightsaber, not mine. i dont need to change my lightsaber, only Kyle Katarn's to green
  8. is anyone actually gonna respond? :/ please
  9. Can i change Kyle's lightsaber color? I wanna do some Episode 1 montage, and Kyle is actually Quin-Gon Jinn and i want to put the green lightsaber with the hilt..help please..
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