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  1. 1.Full uses of Dx11 so that graphics would literally blow away anything on earth shown in past. 2.Deep combat combo 3.Cinematic camera 4.Stick to two light shaber 5.Bring some platforming and action elements from Prince of Persia like wall run,grapple,creating platform element from memory,trap,speed-kill. 6.Bring more actions from GOW series.More brutal kill,tear off enemy,different fashion of killing enemy,air combos,controlling giant from their heads etc. 7.Some dice and slice from ninja gaiden series,some drakes abilities from uncharted. 8.Lot of collectables,hidden quest,versus arena,Hidden weapons,secondary weapons,lot of new force attacks. 9.Really long gameplay,atleast 24 hours.I would not mind if the game requirement size on HDD is >= 75GB. 10.Better integration of really good story into gameplay.Do not cut us loose just when the story is beginning to be interesting. 11.Variety and diversity of enemy.Enemy must be hard to kill. 12.Hidden combo,in game tele-port,alternate ending and alternating last boss depending upon weapon obtained or dialogue selection. 13.Most importantly please do level design better.They should not be looked as copy-paste.Repeating environment is not a good thing. Thats all in my head now.
  2. Hi, This is my first post in this forum.I like to post my feeling for SWFU II. Very long time ago,I played SWFU I on my friend's PC for umm probably half an hour.And for some reasons,I did not like it.But my friends told me that the game is too good.And I should further try and surely I would like and buy.However,you know,first impression was really a matter.Haven't give Star war force unleashed series a try further, till now. Some days ago I looked on some youtube videos and I was shocked!!What the ****ing hell I am seeing?It was gorgeous and Immediately I went into shop and brought SWFU II.But I tell you that the first hour was somewhat like boring.Immediately the madness got me.I played whole night without going to rest for even some minutes.I just remembered the day when I first played god of war.This game is soo gooooooooooooood.Let me list. 1.Stunning graphics 2.Combo and action 3.I dislike shooter game BUUUUUUUUUUUUT shooting scene of this game was so goodly managed and created that I am beginning to like gears of war,halo etc Only because of this game I am gonna buy SWFU I.Hopefully it will surprise me. I would like to see another star war force unleashed game.I cam from a world full of myth-puzzle-platform-spell-brutal action elements.I hope lucas art will surprise me again.
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