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  1. Needs less Metallica and more Motorhead. And probably all of Peace Sells...
  2. Studded Belts are readily available on eBay
  3. When S**t starts lookin' real bad FACEMELTER. Saved my bacon more times than I care to remember
  4. You clearly haven't even played the game, there are several references to Mctallica even in the early stages (go to start of thread and read). F***k Metallica anyway. They are the biggest joke in music history. Megadeth rules
  5. Infact I'll probably upload a few clips on YouTube of how to play em (if there aren't any up already) Excuse the double post
  6. I'll tab them for you dude. Just waiting on my new Jackson with a floyd rose trem so I can nail the divebombs.
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