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  1. (Not a spoiler) In the game Persona 3: FES there is a "Secret Boss"; one that is SO hard to beat it can take up to TWO WHOLE WEEKS to just PREPARE to fight it! I am not joking. Two... weeks. If you make a single mistake you die immediately. Even after you finally finish preparing to fight this ungodly boss you have to fight it, and beating it requires as much luck as it requires patience and skill. Well, that's my answer. Who do you think is the toughest boss in video game history?
  2. I considered doing that and almost did, Davik and Calo were a major thorn in my side. Not to mention the second fight with Calo was frustrating, still doing my playthrough on hard hoping to kill Uthar and her apprentice at the same time
  3. Fighting Darth Bandon was such a pain for me i kept on dying over and over. Eventually i just handed Bastilla an ion blaster and we all shot him to death after i chucked an adhesive grenade. O_O
  4. *Cough* I found him hard to kill my first play through on Easy Mode *Cough*
  5. I was digging around the members area for the oldest member and it has members with really odd names for pages and pages. Did the creation of this website really start in 1969 or is that just a big goof?
  6. The level you have to climb or ride the white elevator looking things to the top and after you get up there i think there is a barrier reventing you from going back. Its inside some facility... For my sake im hoping its not the first level of the game im remembering, but i was stuck for like an hour lol
  7. I feel so ashamed by the video game community now, ever since i was a wee lil lad i played games on the easiest settings except for a few cases. Im gonna have to up the ante and play it on difficult O_O
  8. A Jedi or Sith leader or a Rocket Launcher if you dont accidentally blow yourself up.
  9. Im not familiar with TSL RCM. If TSL stands for The Sith Lords i havent played it yet, but yeah im working on completing the game on Difficult mode atm.
  10. Without cheats and/or mods that alter the stats or bring in new items that have stats into the game has anyone completed the game that way?
  11. Murder Carth just after Bastilla was turned then kill the rest of the crew except the droids and Canderis, kill Malak slowly, take over the Star Forge, use Bastillas battle meditation against enemies untill i learned it if i could, then kill Bastilla.
  12. Someone has already arranged the 2da file to work with each other on FileFront files. Its in the description of one of the mods. As for the Dark Jedi im not too sure.
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