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  1. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Star Wars Episode III : The Mishaps Preview
  2. the link is dead, can we plaes get a new one?
  3. http://www.gwgnetwork.com/2013/04/the-future-of-star-wars-gaming-an-exclusive-interview-with-former-lucasarts-employee/ This is an exclusive interview with a former lucas arts employee. The anoymous employee gives some great insight on 1313 and first assualt as well as disney's play for the now shut down lucas arts. You really need to take a gander at this, its incredable what answers they got.
  4. A few months back as most of us know, a kotor collection was released in stores for a short time. Now one notable difference between the steam and dvd version of this updated release is that kotor for the collection edition was updated to version 1.3.1(This includes making it compatible for windows 7). My question is does anyone know if the steam version was updated from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1 like the collection edition?
  5. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  6. This epic head needs to be finished when you have the time! Seriously, it looks too beast!
  7. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) We will be having a star wars battlefront II party September 8th at 8PM Eastern -Server will be Gamerz Galactic Commandos -Invite your friends GIVEAWAY NEWS -We will be giving away a $20 Amazon or Steam gift card -Our goal is to get to 250 Subscribers. -All you have to do to win is :Like this video (and favorite if you'd like to) :Share this video to your friends in some way : Subscribe to out channel :Answer one of these questions (comment on the video not here) What type of videos would you like to see us making? or What is your most anticipated/favorite game of 2012?
  8. check it right now!!! its ten bucks, finally its on steam!!!!
  9. This is way off topic but...fallen guardian is an epic name kinda think of it.
  10. I like what Fallen guardian suggested. What if only the major scenes were voiced? I guess it would feel weird that the majority of lines not recorded. But it would be interesting to have that one part where you guys find out your character is revan and then all of your party meets up to discuss what happened after the leviathan and have your character speak. Sith holocron brings up a very major point. All that trouble for voice work and lip syncing not compatible with mods like BOS would turn people away. Though, if fallen guardian's suggestion was taken into account, maybe it can be a possibility?
  11. So...your saying they would go crazy? I think you misjudge how dedicated some people can be(I am being realistic myself, I just wanted to see what some of you would say about this idea). Though no one would ever predict how such a project can go. I am sure BOS had similar problems considering it had taken several years to fully complete with voice acting and modeling. Also I have visited a few voice acting websites for help with certain projects. I have seen how dedicated some people can be, some of these guys have done voice work recordings of over 500 lines and over. So I think it is safe to say there are some crazy people out there with that attitude. though taking several months to record those lines doesn't sound all that attractive.
  12. Quite a few people actually. I think the fem revan was already mentioned. Though it has been concluded that this can't be achieved as of yet.
  13. I was told is doesn't. Is there a sure way to test this?
  14. Do you have a background program running such as a spyware program? That tends to create problems like that as well. If so, you need to go into your spyware program and allow kotor.
  15. I use bandicam to take screenshots at 1320X770 and then upload them on imageshack to be resized at 800x600.

  16. It is nice to know that so many members care about my grammar.
  17. Well thank you for letting me know that information. Its a shame that the engine for the first game requires such work for animation. Indeed though, it is exactly what I needed to hear.
  18. Aww I guess the upgrading of the forum deleted Varsitypuppet's cool looking pics of his Exile head. Any chance we can get those back up?
  19. Finding a male is much harder than finding a female one. I literally have quite a few fem voice actresses, it wouldn't be hard at all to get someone to do lines for females thankfully. Its just the more I show this to people the less likely such an idea can occur considering it takes a considerable amount of time. Though I think I can turn some heads with the current prospect I found. Perhaps in my next video, the modders I am trying to pitch will feel more...willing.
  20. That does sound like a hassle. ._. Still I think it can have great cut-scene purpose. I was playing mass effect the other day, which actually my source of inspiration. Well I guess the only way for something like this to be tested out, would be to get a few lines recorded, attempt to put them in game and see how the scene/convo goes. If it didn't go well then this would be a lost cause, but if it looked and sounded good maybe it still has a future. Of course I am no skilled modder(yet anyway) so I don't know exactly how things work in this engine or how much a modder would have to go through just to make this possible.
  21. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I thought it would be really cool if I could find someone to do the lines for this character in the first game. To give him a voice, something I think would be something of a milestone for an unmodded pure version of kotor. Before you ask, I am not making this mod but I am doing something of a scouting mission to see if there are interested voice actors. So far I have received 5 auditions and 3 of them are sounding really good/fitting. The purpose is so that eventually such a feat can be accomplished. The mod request would be if I could find a suitable voice, would any modder here be interested in making it so that the voice actor's lines can be lip-synced into the game?(with a reasonable amount of time and effort of course).
  22. Im still having the same problem on this level. Though taking the override folder out for this scene and then putting back in for later solved it. I was sure to patch it all up with the 3 various later patches.
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