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  1. I would try to better myself within the standards of my own personal belief based on my own morals...whether it be towards the Jedi side or Sith side. Lore wise i think he did what i would have done. He fought for what he believed in.
  2. Seems decently active i have little trouble finding a conversation or an answer to my question in the KoToR section and ToR sections for sure. Xwing section seems active also as well as community section.
  3. Yeah Ventress almost always has the 2 long sabers.
  4. I thought Jar'Kai and Niman were the same thing depending on where in the universe you were or did i read wrong?
  5. That would be very like a Sith Lord to always have some edge over his apprentice.
  6. I have also found patches or 3rd party programs for these 2 particular games have caused me more issues then they have fixed sadly.
  7. This is such an interesting subject for me because Jedi/Sith have so much range in traits/styles/personalities that the combinations are endless.
  8. Yeah, it is an actual style according to Wookiepedia called "Jar'Kai"...not sure if that style was a thought in the original idea of things or not though.
  9. I was more looking for the fact they use this as a style..as it is just part of their usual fighting.
  10. Was Luke know for this style in the comic or did he just have this for a few fight scenes?
  11. Interesting fact. Not surprising some REAL WORLD applications/methods are added to star wars, George is kind of a history buff from everything i have heard.
  12. I think it is underated too, just because it was not introduced in the original series people knock it but honestly a dual saber style would rely more on finesse and speed and accuracy where are a single saber is more based on power. Dual-weilding is obviously superior.
  13. Yeah just noticed this on Wookipedia....So interesting how much lore i have NO clue about.
  14. True that it doesn't HAVE to be the same genre but i would say the genre is over 70% of the draw. You very seldom see CoD players as the same people that stayed on WoW for 5 years and as an RPG player i hardly ever play FPS games...i think the last FPS game i played was the original Halo. Edit: Also ToR is pretty low pop wise for an MMO anyways especially when F2P MOBA's are beating it in the active account department. Also i would guess Perfect world and Forsaken world are also crushing it on population and WoW...well lets not even compare it to WoW population wise lol.
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