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  1. Well, to be honest, doing all those character changes would be VERY difficult, particularily since you wnat voice changes too. That would require to pay a voice actor/actress to say every single line their character would say in the game and rewrite anything referring to the old character. So yeah, pretty tough if you ask me. Those lightsabers look dope, nontheless.
  2. Umm sorry to bug you but I tried again from a save I had on an earlier planet and I had the same result, however if I refuse to sacrifice the exile I have no problem getting out, only when I choose nihilus


    Edit: Never mind, got past that, however now I have another issue, when I recruit Lolma as my apprentice, I cannot choose her in the party screen, she doesnt appear, but she does appear in the eagle

  3. Hello trex!

    I have played tjm many times but recently I did my very first dark side play through and I encountered a big bug, basically when I sacrifice the exile for nihilus I become stuck in the tomb and I cannot come out. If you could help me, I'd be very thankfull

  4. Just finished playing through the demo... Just...WOW. Seriously, you guys are really doing a great job, and I would love to see the final version released, hopefully, it wont be long, big congrats to you all
  5. Trandoshans. Their speak was absolutely awesome and the fact that they can see the infrared and regenerate lost limbs is very interesting, it really makes us feel as if they where big two legged lizards
  6. I used to know where it was, but now its no longer where I USED to find it
  7. Hey, soo... I used to have a bunch of mods before but I changed my pc and therefore had to reinstall All my games including kotor, now Im downloading all my mods again but WotOR by T7nowhere requires me to specify the root folder of SWKotOR, I know what to do but I cannot find the folder, any ideas? oh, would it help to mention that I have the best of pc pack?
  8. THANK YOU very much Shem, I used the kT and changed the tag and now it's workin perfectly, again thank you!
  9. Hello, Im new here and I know many people dont even read this stuff anymore, but I thought this was worth a shot. Well as you can guess from the title I have a problem with T7nowhere's WotOR, What is happening is as follows: I DL the mod with NO warnings or errors, (all weapons worked) but when I entered the shadow lands in kashyyk and "found" Darth Bandon, but he was not there, only the small animation of him talkin to some sith. but he wasnt there, only the sith were there, then my game crashed, I then downloadeed the Bandon Patch and now he IS there but he wont talk/fight me, he just stands there lika a moron, Can someone PLEASEEEE help mee?????
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