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  1. I have a desktop computer that i made a SWBF2 PC server on. My laptop i have connects to it no problem but my desktop have connection issues to not only my server but to anyone elses server! Here are the specs to my desktop


    Windows Xp SP3



    Inter® Celeron® D CPU 3.20GHz

    1.99GB of RAM


    Idk what to do pluss i have my windows firewall off an i ever tried to turn my router firewall off and it still wont connect to mine or anyone server with either XFIRE Gamespy Arcade/ID or even with Gametracker. >.<"...Pls Any help would be greatfull maybe even a teamviewer session to assist me as well! I really apppreciate it BY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME!!! And to play it again on PC HELL YES!!!

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