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  1. thanks for all the answers about the kotor 3 mod is there a good one ?
  2. yes i played with restored content but how did you know he went there ? there is no mention of this in the game and also i can't chose him and hk 47 is only playable there also when i first entered some hk 50 detected hk 47 only and there is no mention of another with him
  3. yes simple and makes sense - i thought it had other shocking twist lol
  4. so i finished the 2 games for the 1st time (and it was good play even if it's old) i got 2 questions for now (maybe more later lol) when i returned to telos hk 47 went to the factory - where did bao dur go (later you get his small droid to finish malachor) when i met carth on telos after the battle when i left bastila told to him "did he know" and he said no what was that about now it's a shame there is no kotor 3 so what is the best mod i can play as kotor 3 that finishes the storyline ? also what about tor does it continue the story of kotor and kotor 2? i don't like playing online but i might try this ps: if this is not the right section maybe a mod can move the topic to the right place
  5. ok now i gathered all 3 remaining jedi masters and went to dantooine now no matter what i chose in the conversation in the end i release electric storm and kill them (even though i didn't chose this and i submit to the judjment etc... ) and also i have full light side meter then kreia says i failed her etc .... so is this a glitch or this is how it plays out no matter my choices ??
  6. ok i did it i set them to 0 but i get the same conversation ( i start to talk to her she reponds : why you are here - why do you trust her not me - i tell her i trust you more she says she don't belive me - or no matter what i chose she gets angry again ) ??
  7. ok this time it's not a bug or something lol i just want to know if i can change handmaiden reaction to me ? iam on nar shaddaa and i get those thugs attack the ebon hawk so i go and clear them out - then couple of cutscenes - then when i try to talk to handmaiden she is angry and talk to her any more - i tried save editor but can't seem to work (increased influence on maiden and decreased on visas) but i get the same response so is there a way to fix this or just continue and it won't matter ?
  8. thanks a lot man works fine now hope i don't get any more bugs from now on lol
  9. yeah i installed a restored content mode but i don't know what is appearance.2da so i just reinstall the mod then i start right before i enter the academy ? (luckily i have a save at the door lol)
  10. this game is unbelievable i never seen a game with all this bugs and i didn't even finish half the game spoiler: so now iam on telos academy they got my weapons and caged my comrades etc .... finished talking with atris etc ... so now going to leave the academy and i board the ebon hawk - i get a cutscene of leaving the academy - cutscene ends - i get a scene of atris standing infront of a window then the scene is cut and i find my self in the academy again - itried many times but it's the same problem and can't advance what to do ??
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