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  1. Ok thanks I know that if I get this mod I'll get powned when I'm not my character. This is because I pown enemies with my character, but when I switch to another e.g: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Atton, on Nar Shaddaa with the Twi'lek Sisters, I had to run round using Mandalorian Melee shields all the time, and I even deployed mines lol! But I know what I would straight away pown them on my character, just after a statis a few Force Storms
  2. Hmm, does it enhance the AI behaviour to use more medpacks and perhaps stimulants etc? And perhaps Force sensitive AI to use superior force powers like Master Speed and Force Armour etc? EDIT: One funny thing aswell is that: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) When I came to fight Sion at Trayus Academy, I was able to use Mind Trick and make him fight for me LOL! There were no enemies around for him to attack but still. My insane Wisdom of approx. 41 powned him lol.
  3. So I've been playing SWKOTOR II for about 30+h (total game time [current playthrough]), and I'm finding it pretty easy to defeat the enemies. I know that in SWKOTOR 1, the the difficulty levels change the damage dealt and taken, however in SWKOTOR II it seems that it only adjusts the damage taken. POSSIBLE SPOILER: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Even on Atris with Brianna I'm hitting 100s and her health goes down like mad. But she does hit high on me though. It's not just that though, my force storm hits 100s (with Force Potency force form) so I can just ravage my way through hordes of enemies. Example: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) On the Mercenaries on Dantooine when the begin to invade Khoonda, all I need to do is statis them, then use Force Storm one or two times and they all go down. Azkul went down incredibly fast also. So my question is: Is there something wrong? Should KOTOR II be scaling down damage dealt aswell like KOTOR 1? Or am I just too strong? Bearing in mind my Wisdom is about 40 (100% legitimate) and the Handmaiden's strength is ~33 (again 100% legitimate). I do have TSLRCM 1.8.1 installed so whether that's interferring somehow with the difficulty I don't know. I doubt it though. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks
  4. Ah right ok. If I do use the cracked exe file will I be loosing out on critical fixes do you know?
  5. Is that the restoration mod you speak of? And I'm still having a spot of bother in getting the latest version to work in widescreen :S I've been using the 4mb exe file but I think it's an older version because when I start a swoop race my swoop bike hovers in the air :S Apparently that was a bug in an older version. If someone has the codes for the Sq1zZy Universal Patcher for SWKOTOR II I could give that a go?
  6. Hello there people. I hope you guys get this message considering this is about one year on lol! I've been searching around for a widescreen fix for SWKOTOR II and I came across this thread, but unfortunately the link for the patcher was dead. But that's not a problem as I downloaded it from another source Why I'm actually posting on this is thus: I have noticed that the .exe file of SWKOTOR2 in the folder with the patcher is only 4472KB, but my original file (v1b) is 13480KB. Naturally this concerns me a bit so do you know if this patch was meant for v1b? And if it was then is it ok that I have lost about 9MB from the .exe file? EDIT: I seem to be encountering a blank screen when I partake in a Swoop Race. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know a fix please? EDIT 2: I have just found out that there is a mod called The Sith Lords Restored Content. Does anyone know if this mod uses 100% official content? I.e. The layout of rooms is what was intended originally by Obsidian etc? (And other base level details such as that). Thanks
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