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  1. Hey guys today played as a bounty hunter and the game works perfectly now !
  2. Hey ! l have a huge problem in TFU because well today l gotted the game and problem is well l have GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a drivers and please does anyone known l way to well render the game so it could work because l'm a huge fan of the game and ... or a way to lower the graphics turn into because well.. please if someone known a way.. pls reply because l'm not having much success running the game and if you do not have then...
  3. Sorry it took so long to reply l was very busy and l didn't had a good time to be online at LF but l'm quesing there won't be any good chances to play SWTOR on AMD Atholn 64 Processor and with Video Card model (NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a) and also with Video Driver nv4_disp.dll an the Shader version on my PC is 3.0
  4. Sorry it taken so long to reply l was very busy and l ques you right guys Kotor is the best game ever
  5. Hey! Are there any servers that do not lag because well first server went okay when l created a character when l tryed one server it started to lag very hard when l reached the Korriban Sith Academy l can't understand why it started to lag does anyone known a way to fix this or is there a server that does not lag ?
  6. Hello l'm back ! Hey l was out a litil bit becauce my PC was out for repairs and finaly the day had come when repair man fixed it and also finaly the most greatest game ever SWTOR Au man this game is soo awsome and l known l should post this on SWTOR forums at the SWTOR website but l want to post it here and l have question how many boss battles there are ? becauce right now l'm playing as a Sith Warrior level 3 and l'm very eager then ever to known what kind of bosses l will encounter and guys this game is so amazing now l'm a huge SWTOR fan
  7. wow l just sign up ! and l'm very looking forward to this
  8. Happy Birthday Marius Fett !! may the force be with you !!
  9. Hello everyone! Hey um can someone help l'm trying to register at SWGEMU so l cud play SWG but when l click on the register section a weird white page shows up well here is a pic of my problem: http://postimg.org/image/gzowt63w9/ l don't understand what the heck is going on l don't have a bad internet connection and l don't have a virus on my PC so please if someone can please tell me why l can't register at SWGEMU
  10. Hello everyone! One question is Star Wars Galaxies still alive and by alive l mean are there any players left that still play this game ?
  11. Thank's milestails l have been stuck with this for a long time
  12. Hello!! Um l known this will be a weird question but does anyone remmember the mission at Mannaan level were you need to kill the giant firaxian shark well l'm stuck with the part with the kolto computer l known there is a quicker way is to click on dump the vents with toxin but l'm playing as a lightsided character and l don't wan't to get DS points and l always click on the dump the vents with toxin when l'm playing as a Dark sided character but now l'm playing as a lightsided character is there a way to pass this part without getting DS poits ??
  13. And the players will be able to see it ??
  14. l just need to simply to click on the create section and that's it and that's all you need ?? first l thought l need to download some files or something but if l only need to simply click on the create section then okay
  15. l don't need to register ?? hmm but still does somebody known some great servers of SWBFII and How can create your own server ??
  16. Hey l'm totaly new to SWBFII multiplayer does anybody some great severs with best options and everything l didn't made yet a profile at gamespy but still l wont to known some great severs of SWBFII ?? and another question does anyone how you create your own server ??
  17. Um guys l think Emperor phalpatine is gana be in the movie read this http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/123600/Ian-McDiarmid-To-Return-In-Star-Wars-Episode-7-As-Emperor-Palpatine
  18. Well l still play both games Kotor and Kotor2 well mostly Kotor2 becoz Kotor2 has better things like more Force powers and more...
  19. Well now it seems Clone Wars is one of the best series ever
  20. Well l still play JKA well mostly just SP for now
  21. Wow now that looks pretty impresive !! great job !!
  22. Wow !! and a triple wow Battlefront 3 is coming!!! in phalpatine's words "l have waited a long time for this moment"
  23. Okay Katanamaru thank's l will go look for them in the asssts file
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