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  1. Wow amazing !!! cool man!!!

  2. well you see l hang out here a lot almost every day

  3. Nice profile picture Marius Fett !!!!

  4. uuuuuuu well the Creator for the images did't have an email it seems l must find some images with an email of the creator but l'm thinking if l find some darth vader images with the creator email and l will have a chance to contack him l hope that he won't think l'm stealing his images l'm only trying to get permission ugh!!

  5. Hey duster the author did't respond all week of the images becoz the author uploaded them abaut 2 years argh!! it seems l won't be making menu screens at all.l wonder how you get permission for using images??

  6. wow the revans skin this one is cool but l saw anather revan's skin with a cape also but still this one is realy good l will use it at friday night and sith costimazation l allready have and l will use it too

  7. Well l will be able to come at friday night and sorry l was't alble to join becoz l had some things to do first and again sorry at friday night l will join you at the server

  8. l don't known it seem's everyone like's more k1 and tsl forum's and force unleashed forum's

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