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  1. Hmmmm maiby but this website might do http://www.jediknightii.net/ it has some new models for jko l never seen this website before:)
  2. Well l will find it but tell me what's your favorite scene in clone wars ?
  3. Sorry Twilight-Kun the web site is broken not posible to download mods
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm so that's it hmmm l wonder why does the site administrator doesn't do anything abaut it :mad: argh!!! well is good that massasi website doesn't have problems with the downloading section:rolleyes: but with gamefront hmmmmm
  5. Well it's also soon gana start on lithuania maiby but everyone just saw trailers on youtube now only rumors spread on my country funny thing is that my frends sometimes began asking me when the season 5, is coming out when season 5 is coming out l told them l don't known yet but you see fans on my country are begining to appear haha every day l checkout the youtube what's new abaut the clone wars
  6. Hey everyone !!! can someone help me with one small problem please !!! does anyone has a copy of these mods Sith lagacy ll skin pack for jko mp Kyle jedi stealth gear mod Camo jan skin Darth Vader to desann Kyle's stormtroopers armor Mace windu lightsaber hilt mod Clone wars saber sounds mod for jko Clones skin pack for jko mp Anakins hilt mod for jko Count dooku/Lord Tyranus skin for jko l having trouble by downloading them from game front when l try to download them a weird bug appears file not found l don't understand it l tryed several times by clicking on the download section but nothing still file not found:eekanime::argh: please can someone send me a copy of these mods and can someone tell me what's happening to gamefront ???? P.s l'm having this problem all day please l can someone send me a copy of these mods
  7. Aaaaaa l see well l watched almost every seasons but at season 1 l only saw fev episodes but season 5 and season 4 au and season 3 au man!!! those seasons are totaly awsome !!! hey l saw the season 5 teasar l imagen now those fights are gana bee awsome in season 5 now see that Darth Maul is back
  8. Lucky hmmm well he is not the only one that can't wait for the great season to come but what's your favorite scene in clone wars;) my one frend also can't wait for the clone wars season 5 hehe
  9. Hello !! l want to known who is waiting for great season 5 of the clone wars on lithuania there are many fans of Star wars the clone wars but when season 5 comes out au man !!!!!:cool: l imagen that season5 will be realy awsome au man!!!! l can't wait for the all new season of clone wars to come out !!!!:) what everyone's favorite scenes in clone wars :D mine is when Darth Sidious fights Darth Maul and Savage Opress what's yours ???? p.s l'm a huge fan of Star wars the clone wars;)
  10. uuuuuuu well the Creator for the images did't have an email it seems l must find some images with an email of the creator but l'm thinking if l find some darth vader images with the creator email and l will have a chance to contack him l hope that he won't think l'm stealing his images l'm only trying to get permission ugh!!

  11. Hey duster the author did't respond all week of the images becoz the author uploaded them abaut 2 years argh!! it seems l won't be making menu screens at all.l wonder how you get permission for using images??

  12. Excuse me but can someone help me please!!!l'm having big problems with getting images !!! l'm trying to create a perfect Darth Vader menu for jka but l am having trouble asking permision argh!!:ugh: l always fail asking permission and these images were uploaded by two years ago and the author did't respond all week http://www.fanpop.com/spots/darth-vader/images/13703307/title/rise-lord-vader-wallpaper au man!!! please can someone show me some Darth Vader images that l can easily get permission for using them :( l'm having real trouble asking permission real trouble and l'm stuck with this all month :( !!!!!!!
  13. Realy cool sounds truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  14. hey everyone !!!!:thmbup1: l wonted to post this later but l will post this now.Does everyone would be interested to see my fan work take look at this http://i49.tinypic.com/34e2dqa.jpg this is a republic 791th legion trooper that l imagened and l maded it from stuff that we lithuanians call "Plastelinas" it is a great and l have been making Sw characters from 7years to 25 years and you see l'm createv l hope everyone will like my fan art au and another image http://i50.tinypic.com/316t81y.jpg it is a great sith lord that l created l call him Darth Zyranus like Darth tyranus hehe but defrant and l'm not copying someone's ideas l'm just imageing and l'm beeing creative:thmbup1::thmbup1:l hope that when STAR WARS EPISODE 7 arrives would have some great sith and jedi characters in there well now l'm realy imagenating things
  15. wow the revans skin this one is cool but l saw anather revan's skin with a cape also but still this one is realy good l will use it at friday night and sith costimazation l allready have and l will use it too

  16. Well l will be able to come at friday night and sorry l was't alble to join becoz l had some things to do first and again sorry at friday night l will join you at the server

  17. Hi! Does anyone has the Darth Trayas robes mod for tsl ?? l'm loking for it all day long and l still can't find it were can download it!!
  18. Wow cool mod !!!! and those designs that you will create they will be realy awsome :cool::cool: nice!!!
  19. Then sorry my frend l will try tomorow to find a way to fix your problem
  20. Too bad on my country we only make pumpkin heads to celebrate halloween not the trick or treat
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