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  1. yes,yes you are right Duster seem's now is the time for me to try the dark side features thank's.
  2. Thank's thejman217 and thank's for the tip
  3. Yes you are right duster if gamers like then they create mods that is way l now began creating mods too like everyone else for kotor,kotor2 and jka.
  4. your right Blix but still l wonder why does lucasart's doesn't respect there fans ???
  5. You are right the old republic cruses all hopes and dreames
  6. hi Does anybody known's does truly gana be a kotor lll game l founded some images of it and does anybody known's when it will be realesed ??? p.s l'm just thinking that's all:) if lucasart's truly gana make it.
  7. hi Does anybody known's which side better to play with on kotor 2 ??? l played abaut 50 time's with lightside but l am getting bored with it but l known it will be beter to play with dark side but l don't known which to chose ??? can someone tell me some advice please !!!
  8. Thank's l will check it out!!!!
  9. OPPs!!! no image here is a link to see it http://www.imagebam.com/image/04c8b3210692081
  10. Okay here we go!! l fanaly bagan skinning model's thank's to katanamaru:thmbup1: for the help and here is a model began skinning!!! this a new reborn skin l have been making at abaut two days and soon l will add more texture to it l hope everybody will try it out when l realese it !!!!:saberr: p.s thank's katanamaru for the good help !!
  11. l will try let's hope l can test the mod on jka
  12. l known it will be crude of me to ask this but please help!!!! l created an awsome reborn skin but l don't known how to make it a pk3 file please help l abaut to finnish a mod!!!!!!
  13. One more thing l am having problem's with the mod wiev tool l am getting an error cald missing animation can you help ???
  14. Thanks's for the awsome help katanamaru l already began watching tutorials soon l will begin practice on reborn skining very thank's
  15. Wou! seem's like l have to get started then thank's katanamaru very thank's!!!
  16. hi! excuse me does anybody known's does is posible to create asome jedi robes or sith lord robes on kotor tool ???? cud somebody help out!!! l tried find out on youtube but nothing found!!! l tried once to generate a merchant on telos by using kotor tool but a bug when l first began tested it !!!! cud someone help out with kotor tool please!!!!!! l am just a beginer with that tool!!!!!
  17. Okay here we go:lsduel: l have been seeing some intresting npc and l have been wondering if every one create's some asome npc's l cud too create a npc .But l can't find the right jka tools:argh:. l Wonted to create a Darth Malgus model Jka style with his own animations and sound's but l don't known what kind of Jka tools l need to use and download can someone help a litil
  18. this mod is good l will try it thank's Fallen Guardian
  19. Thank's jeffcorm this model is realy awsome thank's
  20. yes you are right shem!!!! but still l wonder is there a mod that makes him a litil bit strong l tried once malak improved mod but still it's easy to defeat him l just can't find a mod that make's him strong ?
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