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  1. First Disney killed and destroyed TCW now all the SW games they promised gets canceled and now Lucasarts is shut down and were are the games Disney ??!!? thank's for nothing Disney
  2. Au man!! thank's for nothing Disney !! first they Destryed TCW now Lucasarts get's shut down and all the project like a new Kotor or a JK game gets canceled forever thank's for nothing Disney
  3. l hope so mimartin l hope but if TOR is gona be destroyed like LUCAS or CW then l'm... argh!! l don't have the words for it like Darth Vader would say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
  4. Yeah but still were will TOR be l'm soon at summer l might get a labtop or a new PC to try TOR out ??
  5. This reminds me like in ORDER 66 the death of the jedi now this is the Death of Lucasarts order 70
  6. AU MAN!!! http://davidbigler.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/empire-strikes-back-30th-sad-chewbacca-hoth-db.jpg l'm gana do some serious thinking
  7. No,no please no if LucasArts is gona be shut down then how l will be able to download TFU or buy FOC at a local store at my country or also try out TOR becoz soon l might get a faster PC argh DISNEY!!!! l'm beginig to lose faith in Lucas/Disney
  8. Well l mostly liked seeing her in season 1 as Dooku's aprentice and also l liked seeing her fighting Luminara and Ahsoka
  9. Indeed but if this not a joke then it's the End of all things
  10. Hey guys l don't known if they made a prank by the April fools day but http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2013/04/exclusive-new-star-wars-animated-series.html
  11. Thank's becoz l'm planing to create a JKA launcher still l have some things to put in it
  12. Hey !! Does anyone known how view a character in JKA mp ?? well view your playermodel in front so you can see the face and the body but in multiplayer
  13. Ops l meant so say Ventris and Savage fighting Dooku http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us7juqd2rqs
  14. Well the one thing l liked watching at the third season is when Ventris fights Dooku that fight was realy cool
  15. Yeah yeah they shud have kept the original Stormtrooper sounds they are funnyier then the ones at JKA
  16. Yeah,yeah the class but Tavion shud realy need to use a cool powerful lightning move like Count Dooku or Sidious from CW and editing her powers with turrning them ALL to level 3 like Desann at JKO
  17. l think l agree with Bob Saget that Dark Side ending are more fun at JKA becoz well l played 50 times JKA sp and they all with Dark Sided endings and fighting Boss Kyle is way more fun
  18. AAHh l just hope one thing from those new fetured games that disney promised is a good storyline like the one at JKO
  19. Hey l don't known much about Tavion at JKO she look much better but at JKA there still something is still is missing on her l can't figurout
  20. Hey!! What's everyone's favorite characters from the jedi knight series ?? mine is : From Dark forces: Jerec,Kyle From Jedi Outcast: Desann,JAN,kyle,Luke From Jedi Academy: Alora,Jaden What's yours ??
  21. Is it the Evolution of combat mod III ??
  22. Hey welcome to the forums try instaling one game first and then check if it works ?? P.S maiby this will help
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