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  1. Hey the one thing l liked abaut CW that there were interesting chosen one storys (Anakin skywalker's storys) but if disney is indeed preparing some cool TV series then hope it has a good storyline then
  2. Hey there is an article at starwars underworld about CW http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2013/03/its-now-or-never-talking-points-to.html
  3. Hey !! What's everyone's favorite characters from all of the Kotor games ?? mine is Darth Malak,Darth Nihilus,Revan,Hanharr,HK-47,Sion, Carth and Bastila what's yours??
  4. Or palpatine taken Maul prisoner and when Anakin turns to the Dark side he will have to face Maul in combat to prove loyalty to the Emperor
  5. Hey but one thing l don't get is at Season 5 episode 16 that's it Maul dies ??? or he will return again ??
  6. Hey found some more info http://www.causes.com/actions/1733395-allow-star-wars-the-clone-wars-to-remain-on-the-air-till-the-end
  7. Well CW series are truly great l do hope Clone Wars will stay a litil bit and Thank you CW for showing these cool characters
  8. l saw on Facebook CW fan page posting l don't get it my self here is the help saving cw info: http://www.causes.com/actions/1733395-allow-star-wars-the-clone-wars-to-remain-on-the-air-till-the-end?recruiter_id=187244280&utm_campaign=invite&utm_medium=wall&utm_source=fb P.s Sorry administrator for the Two threads
  9. but l wonder how much soporters does CW need ?? Hey everyone!! What weird day today is first there were plans in making CW movie now help for saving CW starts and now l heard that 700 hundred per 26 Days CW gets it seems that CW will continue and LucasFilms might need to restore CW as the way it was
  10. Yeah Prime but still this is most interesting what the l don't get something abaut this http://www.causes.com/actions/1733395-allow-star-wars-the-clone-wars-to-remain-on-the-air-till-the-end?recruiter_id=187244280&utm_campaign=invite&utm_medium=wall&utm_source=fb sopporters ???
  11. Well if there will be new games l hope they will have a good story line and if they won't need too much memory like TOR Hey hey big news totaly big news we get a film instead of the season 6 here the info:http://clubjade.net/?p=47910
  12. Yeah those star wars detours are for Kids but l do hope Star wars would be epic but too bad star wars the clone wars got canceled:( Mesage from JAT to TCW here is the link http://jamesarnoldtaylor.com/jamesarnoldtaylor.com/Clone_Wars_Thoughts.html
  13. Hey now l see that Masters of the Force mod totaly improves gaming experience at JKO and l like those dueling maps they totaly rock!!! but l don't get much abaut the Battleground jedi 2.0 that map looks weird needs some improvments
  14. News Lucasfilms cancels Star Wars the Clone Wars http://www.thehdroom.com/news/Lucasfilm-Cancels-Star-Wars-The-Clones-Wars-Postpones-Detours/12181 Au come on why did they do that l like watching CW now l wonder will Season 5 shows up at Cartoon network:¬:
  15. Thank's for the reply Jeffcorn and thank's for the links
  16. Hey!! Does anyone known are there any Jedi outcast maps available for JKA becoz l'm such a big fan of those JK2 maps so please can someone give me a link of them ?? l have been searching filefront real hard and l can't find some
  17. A okay heh l already used this for Atton now it's time for me to use this on Hanmainden thank's for the advice Bob Saget
  18. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place but thank's for the feedback Q but now l get it at beeing light l can train her yes? but at beeing sith l can't
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