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  1. l agree they shud had Sam Witwer to do it Tim Curry isn't even trying but l noticed that he voiced phalpatine at season 5 episode 20 the wrong jedi
  2. Hey Does anyone knowns how to train Hanmainden(Brianna) as a dark jedi guardian becoz at the game l'm having trouble talking to her becoz when l click on her she only says "We have nothing to disqus and also l look on her at the party member selection l only see at my party member selection every party member l have is dark only she is light l don't unterstand when l get some dark poits to my Sith lord class character Brianna turns more lighter any tips ??
  3. l too am wondering will Disney allows the writers to take the next step but still at season 5 it was a great ending
  4. There is l herd that some episodes are planed here is the info abaut clone wars not beeing canceled http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2013/02/opinion-clone-wars-series-is-not-going.html but l'm feeling like that there might be chosen one storys
  5. But at JKA everything looks much better but l known there are some mods that might fix it like masters of the force mod or movie battles for JKO (needs original trilogy skin pack to work).....
  6. Well when l go into a fight well you known this part http://optixgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/star-wars-jedi-knight-2-jedi-outcast-1.png P.s l wasn't able to get a screen so l found one at google images sorry
  7. Hey l noticed that at JK2 mp the saber clash effect has a bug ??
  8. Hey guys l been wondering at Season 6 maiby Maul will return again ??
  9. Hey Does anyone knowns what is that war at the unknown regions that Revan went to fight in and when Kreia spoken about it at the game ??? l known there is a great hyperspace war were Naga shadow went to fight the Gallactic republic but l never heard abaut the war at the unknown regions P.S l'm only a beginer with TSL l known l passed the all game but still l wont to known
  10. Hey hey l'm back guys and look what mod l found for Jedi outcast it defenetly improves the old effects with these new ones and also l will be playing Jedi outcast and Jedi academy now this mod is truly Amazing here is a link http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/UltimateWeapons__JK2_Version_FIXED;91331
  11. Big News Tim Curry joins Star wars: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bryan-young/tim-curry-star-wars_b_2776241.html hey he is the voice of Emperor Phalpatine at Clone wars
  12. Yeah republic commando is an awsome game
  13. Yeah Avp2 looks old but still l keep finding awsome mods for it and the sp looks great
  14. Hey!! What's everyones favorite game from this list ?? 1. Halo 2 2. Aliens colonial marines 3. Dead Space 3 4. Star wars Republic commando 5. Aliens vs Predator 2 6. Aliens vs Predator 7. Assasin's Creed 3 8. Need for speed the Run my fovorite is Halo 2 and Aliens colonial marines,republic commando what's yours ??
  15. Hey Kurgan the one thing JKA brings me experience is by playing dark sided you known as a sith also yesterday l just installed the dismemberment effect au man that mod is awsome !! but too bad things went too easy at MD2 mod becoz of that mod but oh well
  16. But the one thing l known is that JKA improves JK gameplay makes things better but at JKO there are somethings missing
  17. l think l found it http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Masters_of_the_Force_R3;12658 all l needed is looking around at filefront au man this mod is cool
  18. No l meant to say is a great mod you known like movie duels or something or dark forces but the mod l'm looking for is the masters of the force mod for JKO can someone give me link of it ??? l'm looking forward in trying that mod
  19. Hey does anyone knowns are there any JKO sp and mp conversion mods becoz l only was capable in finding the JKO force mod
  20. Yeah Happy Birthday Zhaboka !!!!!!!! and may the force be with you !!!!
  21. l see well still at lithuania there are fev players well me ofcourse
  22. l think JKA and JKO still are great games but the movie duels mod makes JKA even more better
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