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  1. Hey !! Does anyone knowns why does the Movie duels 2 mod for JKA is so ejoylable !! first l played one level the Duel of Fates level when l first downloaded the mod and l began to enjoy it does anyone else thinks this mod is cool ?? and also when will the new version of the mod comes out ??? l realy like this mod too bad it is't for JKO then it will be totaly awsome !!
  2. Wow thank's buddy but if ask me those ancient style blades look too ancient but the improved blades mod (new saber colors mod) looks amazing again thank's but also l will try clone wars lightsaber blades 4 version becoz when l tryed the better one everything seem normal first at mp but when l went to a JKA server then a lound sound came up jeez my ears ringed l began asking some people at the server but they don't hear anything just me and trust me that sound was very lound and it was bug with that mod so l now will try the 4 version and again thank's for the links duster !!!
  3. Hey !! Hey everyone does anyone knowns are there cool lightsaber blades mods ?? becoz l'm huge fan in playing in a cooler lightsaber style and when l find some blade mods l always get confused which one to choose aa any advices ??
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!LDR and may the force be with you
  5. l don't known what to say cud be a meteor or cud be a alien who knowns but if someone will solve this mistery then that thing will be a big discovery to the world
  6. Yeah like Xavier sed Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun kept their respective coloured lightsabers
  7. Hello!! Excuse me but can someone help l wont to install this mod http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Ultimate_Jedi_Academy_v3;119949 but also l have installed this http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Darth_Vader_Hilt;37764 and that Vader hilt model reapleses the adept lightsaber hilt but also the ultimate jedi academy mod improves all JKA hilts and my question is the ultimate jedi academy mod won't have conflict with Darth Vader's hilt mod ??
  8. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2013/feb/07/stuart-freeborn-yoda-maker-dies rest in peace
  9. Yeah rest in peace au man yoda is my favorite jedi master too bad his creator died
  10. l known and that's why am asking but once l tryed to instal the MBII patch and then all kinds of bugs began showing hmmm : 1.Bug weird moving 2.Somehow when l'm trying to move my character the chracter began moving on air what the !!! he just floats on air ........ and also l tryed to instal this http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Movie_Battles_II_NPC_Pack;84833 but when l instaled my JKA mp began crashing but lucky for me l was able to uninstal it l wonder when they will realese a fixed version but who knowns ?? It seems l will need to stick with the force mod lll right ?
  11. Hey !! Can someone help with the Movie Battles 2 cheats l known it's the same with JKA but when l type "Helpusobi 1" it began saying unnown command and also when l type "Devmapall" it began saying map not found what the ??can someone help l have trying to find out abaut it in days !!
  12. Hey guys today l just saw that episode 16 au man that fight Darth Maul and Savage opress vs Darth Sidious was epic but l wonder will Maul survive at episode 17
  13. Hey l have a question is there a mod for JKA mp and sp that can make you have two lightsaber staffs on both hands please tell l wont known and also if there is a mod please pm me thank's
  14. Hello everyone Okay here we go these are my first tips and l hope everyone will like them How to build the Death Star at EAW In order to build the Death Star you must build first the level five spacetation it would be best to build the station at planet Kuat but if you don't have enof credits at EAW then at your conquered planets you must try to build atleast two mining factory's so your credit number would get larger and the Death Star will cost 20000 credits but it's contruction will take more time and when it's fanaly finnished then you will be able to easily crush the Rebelion How to build the Imperial Star destroyers at EAW In order to build the Imperial star destroyers you must upgrade your tech level but when your station is level five and then you will be able to build the star destroyers but also if you have any fleet comanders then your ships will be almost unbeatable How to build the Death Star at FOC Well all the details are the same but you only need now to build level five station at any planet and that will be all just remember to have more minning factory's bult on your conquared planets:) so your credit number would increase How to protect your planets from sabotage Well in order to protect your planets from sabotage you must always need to send your bounty hunters at your corupted planet to sabotage a enemy hero and when you see a word "corupting" then it will mean that Defiler (consortium minor here) made a visit at your planet so prepare your bounty hunters for a mission Okay that's all thank you for reading more tips are coming soon
  15. Wow amazing !!! cool man!!!

  16. Yeah story line at JKO is great
  17. Yeah that one with the medium saber style
  18. Hey l noticed that there is one familar move at JKA the move is the jump move with the lightsaber and also that move is KOTF too
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