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  1. I'll add you to my friends list and try to find you online as soon as I can. Please add Eridos to your friends list too and look out for me
  2. Hi there everyone. Thought it would be a good idea to pop over here and introduce myself. As some of you know, I was the GM of a SWTOR guild that was closely aligned with The Walking Carpets called Clan Dukane. Clan Dukane is/was a small guild that existed since early access. The majority of our members are interested in end-game PVE, and as part of the Casual Alliance, which TWC was also a part of, we have organized a lot of in-game events. Recently Mav and I got to talking about what would be best for our guilds and came to the conclusion that we needed to join forces. To that end, Clan Dukane has merged in to TWC and will be bringing with us quite a few active players and fresh faces. As part of this merger, I will be taking over the day to day GM duties, with the help of Mav, Jeff and Lynk. I am really excited about this merger and hope that we can add to your enjoyment of SWTOR, especially as the game transitions to FtP, as this will allow anyone that is interested in following up on the KOTOR storyline an easy way to do so. (P.S. If you want the most KOTOR like game experience, definitely try a Jedi Knight!)
  3. Seijin Character 1: Eridos - Jedi Sentinel (Melee DPS) [biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy] {LEVEL 50} Character 2: Atmos - Jedi Consular Sage (Healer) [synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50} Character 3: Rokor - Trooper Vanguard (Tank) [Armstech/Slicing/Investigation] {LEVEL 50} Character 4: Zevyel - Smuggler Gunslinger (Ranged DPS) [biochem/Bioanalysis/Scavenging]
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