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  1. I'm trying to run the Gamestop version of KotOR and, for the second time, my security program says the .exe has some kind of bug/virus. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I doubt calling customer support will help; just yesterday I called and got someone who knew nothing about the game or the problem.

  2. Someone said it would take "something special" to revitalize KotOR modding. Well, do check out the Enclave at The Elder Scrolls Alliance (TESA). It's a "school" where you can get feedback from a real expert, as well as completing assignments to get you started.

  3. I finally gave up playing because there's no way to talk my way out of a fight. Oh sure, I sometimes have the option of saying "Let's be reasonable about this," but it never succeeds.


    That right there is called false advertizing.

  4. I'm no hardened M.M.O veteran but I know one thing- typically you gain XP by defeating enemies and finishing quests. Which is all right. But an exciting thing has happened in Lord of the Rings Online- crafting now gives one experience.


    If they did something similar with The Old Republic, would you cheer? Would it not make any difference to you?

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