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  1. No. Everyone says it's horrible, so I just stay away from it.. :p

  2. Dude, what's up with the sig?! lol lol

  3. Yo, dude! Whats up? Been thinking, since many people experience problem with filefront/gamefront wouldn't it be great if Jigos' posts (#10 & #18) in this thread be stickied in Holowan Labs? All works appreciated, thanks.

  4. Haha, it gives me an idea to retexture Malak's head!


    BTW, I've found this Avatar fan art that looks like Star Wars poster: [click meh]


    I can't help but laugh...

  5. Dude, Malak in your avatar looks like Avatar Aang! lol...

  6. Hey VP! I've finally managed to combined body meshes, thanks to your tutorial! But I have a problem. It shows up fine in gmax but, ingame, the model only load one textures. I've seen your mod, the TOR-style Jedi Armored Robe? You combined 2 textures by shrinking them into 1. So I take it the game can't load multiple texture files for body meshes?


    Sorry that I keep pestering you with my question...

  7. Nice avatar! You made this your self?

  8. This one: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204094.... I've viewed the page source, and it appears that the images are hosted in http://i.imagehost.org/.. Imagehost.org site is closed apparently...

  9. Hi, VP! I've read your tutorial here, but I have difficulties since it's missing the screenies.. Any chance you'll fix it?

  10. Hey, Dude! How's your 'Echo of The Force' mod going?

  11. So, it is the logging... Thanks, dude...

  12. Thanks, dude! Heh, I find my machine struggling with GLIntercept... Aaargh!!

  13. Hi JC, I've seen your video here.... I was wondering what software do you use..

  14. Hey dude... I see that you made some armors and head reskin... You might wanna consider uploading them to deadlystream.com..... Filefront/gamefront server is problematic....

  15. Dear Mr. Sithspecter,


    I was wondering if you could remove/close the poll of my thread here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=211449...


    And would you mind changing the title to "Blasters of The Old Republic (BlasTOR)"?




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