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  1. I don't disagree, actually, it's just wishful thinking on my part. If the kind of KotOR III I wanted to happen was going to happen, it would have years ago. LA were working on KotOR III, but due to the economic crisis had a massive lay off of staff and had to cancel the game. You've probably heard OE is pushing to make a Star Wars game set between III and IV. I think that's beating a dead horse, too. OE should have a crack at a fresh story set 1500-2000 years before the films and if they made a trilogy, actually plan it out.
  2. Yeah that's true, but I personally couldn't care less about the stories of TOR. I don't speak for anyone else here when I say that, of course. I hated the fact they made it an MMO 300 years after KotOR II that completely ignored the non-canon endings of the first two games. I wanted a story set 2-5 years after KotOR II that was a single player RPG and took the non-canon endings into consideration. They never did that and it's very disappointing because the second game ended on such a cliff-hanger.
  3. Well that's easy, he can comment on the story by reading about the story from people who have played the game and described the story.
  4. Yeah but there are people who think that's bull and Kreia was just full of it. Except that GO-TO, Disciple and HK-47 suggested the same thing Kreia did, too, but I guess they're all liars, too.
  5. Very well said Fallen Guardian, totally agree.
  6. Yeah, I was interested in KotOR because it was the first Star Wars RPG. It could have been set in any timeline and made by any developer for all I cared. Heck, I'd never even heard of BioWare until I played KotOR. I'm far from alone when I say I'd love more Star Wars RPGs. Single player, that is. Star Wars + RPG = GOLD, I just hope the dialogue system stays the same instead of that freaking Mass Effect style system. Anyway, Star Wars is perfect for RPGs. I love the ambiguity Obsidian provided, but I also love a good old fashioned, black and white, epic struggle between the Jedi and the Sith.
  7. Hahahaha thanks for giving me hope. Star Wars The Lord of Chaos: A New Hope... For the Final Nail in the KotOR Coffin. Seriously though, I'm proud of my work, I love it, but that's probably just because I'm kind of a narcissist.
  8. I don't care how many pretty and talented actresses there are out there, Bastila as anyone other than Jennifer Hale would be wrong, unless the actress playing her can mimic Hale's voice extremely well.
  9. I'd like a game that is based on one of my KotOR III stories, preferably V2. Like and share, spread the word and the big fish of Disney will not be able to resist mwuhahaha.
  10. I'd still love to know how one Jedi Knight can defeat a Sith Emperor who is so overpowered they'd make a ridiculously exaggerated EU villain blush.
  11. Me neither until I saw Anthony Ingruber's impression, not to mention the guy looks like a young Harrison Ford. He's got a lot of potential. Needs to work on his voice and being forced with the expressions, but if he can tweak that, he should be young Han and not any other well known actor you can think of. I'm not at that Star Wars burnout stage myself, but I'm a Star Wars fan so probably never will be. Most people aren't into it as much as I am, though, so I can see why they'd feel differently. Still, I'm way more excited about the new trilogy because we have a good director, good writers, no Hayden Christensen and no one knows what's going to happen unlike the prequels.
  12. Yeah I suppose. You could say the same about Han Solo, though, especially since they might cast someone who'll tarnish his character (i.e. Hayden Christensen ruining young Vader). A young Yoda film, set hundreds of years before the films would've been sweet. This guy needs to be Han Solo in the spin-off:
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