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  1. jedi and sith are not defined by the colour of their lightsaber. Whilst most dark siders and sith do utilise the more traditional red crystal, not all did. Freedon Nadd, aswell as Exar Kun were both jedi originally and they both kept their respective coloured lightsabers, who knows as to why, perhaps it was no significance t them, or perhaps a constant reminder of when they were "weak" to give them strenght or perhaps that the construction of a lightsaber is more spiritual for a jedi than it is a sith, more in depth and ultimately more rewarding. Also, the colour crystal except for red, were natural, the red lightsaber crystal was of synthetic design and caused the odd short out. Perhaps they kept their original sabers purely out of being more reliable. hell, there were even some jedi wh remained jedi who had red lightsabers.. it is just stereotypical, but not mandatory, for the bad siders to use red.
  2. between 4 and 5, eh? the old school star wars galaxy player (before they bent over and decided to change the whole game which eventually made it fail) likes and dislikes this idea, but i would say do it in the era of the imperial knights when they are considered the good guys to an extent, work a story around that, i would fund that project if i could heh
  3. sorry for the necro bump just wanted to say something.. Aliens do exist, it is a mathematical impossibility for them not to, i mean we are in existence and we live in a universe that has billions and trillions of galaxies each with trillions and trillions of star systems and each lets say each star system has 4-9 planets in, of course some may not have any and some might have far more and for only one planet to support life in one of the younger solar systems, logic dictates there has to be other planets out there that also support intelligent life. Not saying there are galactic civilisations out there, but it could very much vary from cavemen types to space travelling types. maybe some beings have stumbled across our back water planet and peaked in, maybe not, no one truly knows, but i do not believe in abductions, especially those cases in the deep south of the usa, out of all humans on the planet, why would a superior race want a local uneducated hick compared to a world leader, a great artist, scientist or writer? would be a ridiculous thing to do surely. And they wouldn't need to take a random person away to experiment, if they are that superior, they would be able t gather any intel with out being noticed. also, if they did come here, they wouldn't be interested in us, we are relatively unevolved and would be in the stone ages compared to their level of science and technlogy (think of star trek and advanced species only contacting species who learn how to travel faster than light etc).. if they wanted anything from this planet, it would be the most evolved life on this planet, which would be both bacteria and cockroaches.. because they have both evolved to survive almost anything.. and perhaps the reason we all feel alone in the universe is because we are not technologically and mentally evolved enough to be out there and proving whether we are or not. anyway, rather deep, but there are my 2 cents, as they say.
  4. wow, this is old news for those in the know, my father used to work for central research laboratories, they had something like this in the mid 90's, but then they always say technology behind closed doors is always 20 years ahead then what you see n households and in stores.
  5. strange, they have some uploads from 2012 and early january 2013.. something is going on heh
  6. .. are they still accepting uploads for kotor and tsl? i have about 4 or 5 files pending for a fair while now and nothing seems to have been uploaded for 2 odd weeks
  7. @TommyCat the average policeman in the uk does not carry a gun, an armed society is an uncivilised and ignorant society. we have armed units, just incase something is to occur (bank robbers, terrorists and the like) but they are only called when the situation requires them. To arm everyone is to live in fear, fear is not the tool of democracy. And the usa does have a gun control problem, 2-4 massacres per year every year screams problem to me, you try telling the parents who lost their children in the stupidly high amount of school shootings that there isn't a problem, throw what ever statistics you like, it is a way to detatch yourself from the reality, when even one child dies from a fire-arm incident, then there is a huge problem, end of.
  8. as you said, the country was founded using weaponry and guns were used for defensive purposes to defend the freedom the country once had, which, n turn, didn't last very long until a centre of government was formed, effectively taking most senses of the word of freedom, away. freedom isn't free, as they say. all past tenses, guns are tools for killing, nothing more, nothing less. sure they can be used as a deterrent, but that only goes so far, arming everyone just makes everything ergh.. uncivilised. we can throw figures at each other, but they are just figures, they neglect to take into consideration a varity of other factors, education, employment, drugs, alcohol. America has one of the worst gun crimes in the world, the uk has a pretty bad violence related to alcohol issue.. equal rights does not mean giving a weak person a gun and giving a strong person a gun, that is just barbaric.
  9. you give the list of the lost, which in itself is a sad read and their loss will always be remembered, but in america there were 12,664 murders in 2011. Of those, 8,583 were caused by firearms.. that is ONE year, one SINGLE year as opposed to in the uk there were 550 murders and a very small percentage were gun related. i will never be convinced gun ownership is a good idea and arming those who are not professionals, like valet parking attendants or even school teachers is just "typically american" as we say, amusing really.. so uncivilised. guns were made for one thing, no matter how you dress it up or try to endlessly justify it, they are made for one purpose and the statistics show this. There is a huge gun problem in america, you cannot deny this, the whole world see's it and shakes their head and with organisations like the NRA, they just make it easier for criminals or those who have a mental break down to gain the means to kill. one of the posters mentioned that all massacres or most were from stolen guns, the killing at that primary school, the man used his mothers guns (yes, she had an arsenal, ridiculous) after killing her with them. The Batman shootings, i believe the man there actually owned most of his guns, saw a documentary on it on the BBC, even though he had failed x amount of the restrictions etc he still managed to buy fire arms. lets face it, there are 2-4 massacres in america every year with no decline in the past 40-50 years involving guns, each of which have atleast 10 fatalities minimum.. that should be enough to have some form of ban or referendum or what have you.. the NRA say "guns don't kill people, people do" that s very true, but very ignorant at the same time.. guns were made for killing, it is what they are made for and sold for, wrap it up as self defence if you wish, but if you kill in self defence, you still have killed. People will always try to kill one another, the best thing to do is try to minimize the casualty list.
  10. the usa is no different to any other western world country, except that is one of the youngest and feel like they have something to prove. We over here in the uk don't get pushed around any more or less than the americans do... this was true even back in the "founding father" days, just didn't want to pay the kings taxes, but they ended up paying their own tax, amusing. i'll never be convinced of being pro-gun owner ship, especially arming people to the teeth, that is just immature and ignorant. if there is a problem with massacres, handing out more guns will not resolve the issue, it would just make it easier for the suspect to do what they will do. i went to Vegas a few years ago, even the car valet people have pistols, how ridiculous, et they will be arming MacDonald's employees next. That is one of the most off putting things about the USA, their fetish for guns. but as i said before, ban and make automatic and some semi automatic weapons, anyone who has an arsenal of weapons has intent, if you only wanted to own a weapon for protection, you would only need a small pistol or something to that extent. Anything bigger or more powerful and it goes beyond defence and into the realm of intent.
  11. america is a funny place, from an on looers point of view, they have taken their "right to bare arms" far too literal.. it was originally made for local militias in times of war and what have you, then twisted into a more self defense stance and justification to have a "arsenal" of weapons.. silly if you ask me. if america insists on arming their citizens with little control (let's face it, gun control is disgraceful in the states) then make high rate of fire weapons and automatic weaponry illegal (sub machine guns, assault rifles etc) because if you want to defend your home, that is fair play.. but you only need a pistol or shotgun at best, just over kill to have an Uzi or M4 rifle or what ever they are. . Just look at us n the UK, we have very strict laws and we have one of the lowest rates of gun crime in the world. Don't get me wrong, we still have the odd shooting but only once a decade or so and not 3 to 6 massacres a YEAR america seems to have due to poor gun control and poor mindsets to weapons.
  12. Kenobi's mission was to look over luke.. yoda ent into self ecile on dagobah to hide from the emperor and vader using the planets natural build up of dark side energy as yoda as the most poerful jedi left in existance, he hid so the sith would not get him.. no if these two decided to join in, it would be in direct contradiction as to why they were where they were to begin with.
  13. guess Lucas will no longer roll with saget (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  14. if you use CC, you can fix it from there rather than doing the regedit route which may be confusing for some, n the uninstall/remove rograme section of CC, clck on the pograme that you wish to be gooooone, if uninstalling has worked, the files have gone but yet the computer reads it as still there in the unistall section etc, click on "delete entry", then clean the registry normally et voila
  15. i wouldn't assume so, the aggro core were essential those who were force sensitive but did not pass the jed training, although it is not unheard of for a jedi to be in that core, just not likely.
  16. ahh thanks fella, need all the help i can get, most of the skis are done, just thning about making the war droids a bit more menacing heh..


    yeah, i realised about the edit button, was multi tasking, painitng n photoshop, music and figuring out some stuff, my bad :p

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