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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791433507551/announcements/detail/145589580847766181 This is great news for mac users like me.
  2. Thanks for all the positive replies. I've started to think about making this into a total conversion for KOTOR 2. I'll need modders though, as I have no skill in modding and I'm stranded on a mac. If you'd like to help me convert this into a mod, PM me.
  3. May the 4th be with you too, everyone!
  4. Looks like I only put the lightside ending. Whoops. In the end, I wanted it to maybe create a base for a TOR-like game, except without that whole Revan plotline. Maybe just playing as members of the various factions. After that, since I think the "Galactic Sith War" (This war) would take a couple hundred years, if it were official it could set up novels and maybe a KOTOR 4. When I had the Emperor say there was a greater threat, I had no idea where I was going with that. I've always wanted to explore the possibility of the Unknown Regions being the last home to one of the super powerful ancient groups in Star Wars, and the Sith being only slightly aware of them. Like how Malachor V was taboo to the Mandalorians, the home of whatever ancient race is taboo to the Sith.
  5. Hi. I've come up with a plot for KOTOR 3. It completely disregards TOR and the Revan novel. It starts 5 years after the events of KOTOR 2. You start out on a prison world named Garun on the outer rim. You used to be a sith in the Jedi Civil war, and before that a jedi in the Mandalorian Wars, but you switched off the saber after Revan's alleged death. You're now simply called by the rest of the prison as the Outcast. After staying in the prison for years, you've lost connection to The Force. A few weeks before the beginning of the game, a ship crash-landed on the outskirts of the prison. Among the wreckage was a human male who claimed to be named Jaq and a utility droid. They were detained. A week after that, a few people started showing up. Now, at the beginning of the game, you're working in the mines. As you head towards the entrance, you notice ships in the sky, ships that aren't prisoner transports. Red-skinned warriors, humans and chiss attack the prison. You run back into the prison, fighting through battalions of warriors. You arrive at the warden's office, who's dead. You fight a sith woman, who leaves before you kill her. After your encounter with her, you begin to feel the force come back. You eventually arrive at the detainment center, where you run into Jaq and his droid. You let them out of the cell, and after a few more battles, you get on the Ebon Hawk, the ship they crashed. Jaq tells you who he and his droid are isn't important, but his mission is. He's recently come from the Unknown regions to gather a few "old friends." He says he has to make a stop at Reela, a nearby valley planet to meet a confidante. When you arrive there, Jaq leaves to head to a cantina. You can do a few missions, and if you do, you realize the planet is going under civil unrest after recent reports of political figures being killed and skirmishes on the outside of the city. Jaq calls you to the cantina, where he's chatting with a woman named The Shade. At this point, you can set Revan and the Exile to male, female, light and dark. I'll go into detail the changes this causes later on. The Shade tells you about a massive military buildup that's happened in the past few months. Shade joins your party, but the attackers strike again. The city undergoes siege, and you fly your ship out to an ancient outpost. After fighting through some security droids, you get a datapad that Shade says has a list of Jaq's "old friends." Back on the Ebon Hawk, Jaq and Shade get into an argument. Shade asks cryptically, "Are you winning the battle?" Jaq says he doesn't want to talk about it. If you ask Jaq how he knows Shade, he says, "Not personally. I know somebody who knew them, and they sent me to get her." The list of planets you can go to are Dxun, Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Telos, M4-78, and Nal Hutta. On Dxun, you have to gain the trust of Mandalore the Preserver. After that, though, he doesn't join your party, telling you that he needs to fix the unrest in his people. On Coruscant, you have to convince Grand Master Bastila Shan that there's a dangerous threat in the Unknown Regions. She doesn't join your party, but instead sends Jedi Knight Mira with you. On Kashyyyk, you have to convince Chieftain Zaalbar that he has to gather his army in the Unknown Regions. Him and his right hand woman Mission Vao join your party. On Telos, you have to tell Grand Master Carth Onasi (If Revan is set to Light)/Bao Dur (If set to dark) that an old friend needs the Republic Armada. Either Carth or Bao Dur join your party, Bao Dur having a new droid by his side, a combat droid named BR-2. On M4-78, you have to fight your way through psychotic assassin droids to reach Progenitor Unit HK-47, and tell him his old masters need him. Meanwhile, through all of this, you have to go to Nal Hutta by Jaq's advice to get the Hutt Families to not sign off a deal with the mysterious threat through all of this. You crash on the planet, learn about the history of the Hutts, encounter the sith woman, her name revealed to be Darth Naresha, and end up failing your missions. Jaq says thousands of Huttese ships left and headed into the Unknown Regions. The third act begins. Mandalore contacts you on the com, saying that he's heading to attack Mandalore and conquer it, in order to rename it their capital. You find a pureblood sith warrior acting as the advisor to a tyrant who's claimed the name of Mandalore. Mandalore the preserver joins your party, and you fight them. The pureblood leaves, announcing the Galaxy is about to experience a war that'll last millennia. Next, a sith fleet attacks Coruscant, resulting in a large battle between the sith and the Jedi. Shade and Bastila have a talk, revealing a bit about Shade's past. Her real name is Atris, and she self-exiled after her confrontation with the Exile on Telos 5 years ago. Finally, you travel to the planet of Tartarai, a sith world. The sith fleet gathers there once more. Mandalore suggests that after this, we head to where Jaq came from. You come very close to succumbing to the dark side once more, and you can choose to do it or to stray away from it. After defeating the sith, you head back to the Ebon Hawk. The fourth act begins with Jaq telling you his name is Commander Atton Rand, and he was sent by none other then Revan and the exile to gather Revan's armies. T3 opens the galactic coordinates, leading you to Revan's capital. As you fly there, a huge fleet made up of basilisk droids, Wookiee ships, sith and republic ships, and HK-Unit Transports. The planet is known as Aerathi. It's an earth-like planet, with a huge forest, jungle, ocean side, mountains in the distance, and a big spire, where Revan and The Exile wait. You arrive and kneel at Revan. He gives you several hyperspace coordinates. When you use it, it reveals several planets. After going through the various planets, Revan says that they've pinpointed the Sith's planet. You fly there, and with the help of Revan and the Exile, you fight your way through to the capital. Meanwhile, Shade has found a plethora of sith artifacts. She begins to fall deeper into the dark side. Brianna appears. They talk, and finally Shade falls to the dark side. She fights Brianna and leaves her. Each of your party members, sans you, Revan and The Exile fight through various enemies, each with their own revelation. Finally, you and your party members, the Jedi Order, several republic, mandalorian, wookiee, and HK troops meet up before the citadel. Brianna tells you that Shade has fallen to the dark side. Revan says that everybody will split up, then meet back at the front of the Emperor's chambers. You can take any 2 of your party members, and your choice of troops. You fight Darth Naresha, who turns out to be the Emperor's Hand and has been tracking you. In a last ditch attempt to turn you to their side, she attempts to promise you glory. Even if you're a darksider, you kill her. Everyone meets up back in front of his chambers. Your party's locked with Revan and The Exile. You walk in, and after the Emperor manipulated Shade into joining them, you fight her. You bring you her close to death, and you can choose to spare her or not. Finally you fight the emperor. After bringing him close to death, he calls upon the spirits of Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, and Freedon Nadd. Destroying them, you fight him again. Finally, he tells you that there's a much worse and more powerful force in this area of the Galaxy and beyond, even in this planet. He tells you that because of it, the sith will never fall, but worse things will rise up from their ashes. Light Side Ending: Finally, the entire group leaves the planet. You land on Aerathi, announcing the Emperor's death. You fly to Coruscant, to be awarded. The Exile says that even with the Emperor being dead, the war will continue with sith troops continuing their slaughter. And once they're defeated, it will have started a nearly endless cycle for milennia to come. Dark Side Ending: Revan/Exile takes the throne of the Emperor, and gives you and the Exile/Revan the choice to join him/her. You can refuse, or agree. If you refuse, you have a battle in which you can kill them. After that, if you're a darksider, you can take the throne. If not, you get the light side ending. Credits roll. There's my idea.
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