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  1. Allow me to start by saying I love the series, but I am worried they are going to to the same thing they did with origins. There was do much opportunity there to make an amazing story and they just didnt execute. I guess only time will tell if the same mistake(s) will be made this time around.
  2. I do everything... Kidding of course. I would say what I'm better in is story, area modeling, textures. That's about my specialties although I've defiantly worked in other areas.

  3. Okay, thanks! So, what areas of modding do you work in, even just a little?

  4. Congrats on the turn around, when I lost my mod I had worked so hard on I was the exact same way. I gotta say I love big K1 projects I've always felt that game deserved more. I would love to help with a huge K1 project, even if all you need me for is a tester I'm happy to just do that as well. Let me know.



  5. In Modding:

    This about sums up how I'm doing in modding...:



    However, I've done a turnaround lately. You up for being a tester/providing input or modding aid in a big K1 project I've got going?


    It'd only be a when-you-can type of thing, so don't worry. Unfortunately, I can't give details unless you're interested.:)


    In Real Life:

    Not a whole heck of a lot; I'm finishing my senior year of high school in a few months...

  6. RL: Has been great! Been busy as ever but now that swim season is over I'll have more time for LF

    LF: Been working on a personal project, that's pretty much done just needs some major big fixes.

    How have you been?

  7. Hey, buddy! Whatcha been up to lately, on LF or in RL?:)

  8. Hey guys, not sure if any of you care but I have 5 closed beta access codes. The closed beta is in effect from: 2/19/14 (19/2/14) and ends on 2/25/14 (25/2/14). The only servers they currently have us USA and Canada sorry guys. Please post if you use one of the codes so others don't try and use them too. Closed beta link. CBT3AF-NQNQREKOTM CBT3B-LMEWGPCTPH CBT3A-VOPAWDMZIB CBT3C-UIQQAIBWJH CBT3B-ZLEMDGPSCL Enjoy-Supreme Kotor
  9. Lynk, you described the Normandy stupendously. By far the best description I have heard of the ship. The rest of the article was pretty good too and certainly was a fun read remembering old times. I almost wanted to take my copy of me2 out again
  10. Babe, I will always need you...

  11. Just thought I would let you know I'm finishing up a little project that involved that area modeli mentioned last time we messaged should be done with in two(ish) weeks. Then I will be ready to work on SOTE if you still need me. :)

  12. Side note: This thread NEEDS spoiler tags -_-. On point: I really don't see why people bitch so much about the mass effect series. If you look at the huge jumps between each game Bioware really did do a good job at improving the game, for example the combat system in the first one compared to the second one . The ending of the third game wasn't as emotionally on par as the other two games and that's why people complain, but really looking at the gaming market as a whole it was more than a decent ending IMO. -SupremeKotor
  13. You're singing my lullaby. Lately we've been communicating via skype. Just send me your user name when you're ready.

  14. Haha you know I've always liked SOTE. I'm currently working on a module of my own just to fine tube some of my skills and make sure I completly remember how to do everything as I was away for a while. After I finish my module I would be more than willing to talk with you more about this.

  15. As weird as I may seem I think you are all looking at this too pessimisticly. DarkHorse as a company will be perfectly fine. They make much more than just comics and just finished their most succsussful year ever do to licensing and selling of two of their comic plot lines to be made into video games. As a company they have nothing to worry about. As far as the comics go marvel is a skilled comic company and has actually been in the business of comics longer than darkhorse. They have some of the most skilled artist and writers. I woulden't worry too much about the future of starwars comics the one thing you can worry about though is comics that you follow now not getting the ending you hoped for.
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