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  1. Allow me to start by saying I love the series, but I am worried they are going to to the same thing they did with origins. There was do much opportunity there to make an amazing story and they just didnt execute. I guess only time will tell if the same mistake(s) will be made this time around.
  2. I do everything... Kidding of course. I would say what I'm better in is story, area modeling, textures. That's about my specialties although I've defiantly worked in other areas.

  3. Congrats on the turn around, when I lost my mod I had worked so hard on I was the exact same way. I gotta say I love big K1 projects I've always felt that game deserved more. I would love to help with a huge K1 project, even if all you need me for is a tester I'm happy to just do that as well. Let me know.



  4. RL: Has been great! Been busy as ever but now that swim season is over I'll have more time for LF

    LF: Been working on a personal project, that's pretty much done just needs some major big fixes.

    How have you been?

  5. Hey guys, not sure if any of you care but I have 5 closed beta access codes. The closed beta is in effect from: 2/19/14 (19/2/14) and ends on 2/25/14 (25/2/14). The only servers they currently have us USA and Canada sorry guys. Please post if you use one of the codes so others don't try and use them too. Closed beta link. CBT3AF-NQNQREKOTM CBT3B-LMEWGPCTPH CBT3A-VOPAWDMZIB CBT3C-UIQQAIBWJH CBT3B-ZLEMDGPSCL Enjoy-Supreme Kotor
  6. Lynk, you described the Normandy stupendously. By far the best description I have heard of the ship. The rest of the article was pretty good too and certainly was a fun read remembering old times. I almost wanted to take my copy of me2 out again
  7. Just thought I would let you know I'm finishing up a little project that involved that area modeli mentioned last time we messaged should be done with in two(ish) weeks. Then I will be ready to work on SOTE if you still need me. :)

  8. Side note: This thread NEEDS spoiler tags -_-. On point: I really don't see why people bitch so much about the mass effect series. If you look at the huge jumps between each game Bioware really did do a good job at improving the game, for example the combat system in the first one compared to the second one . The ending of the third game wasn't as emotionally on par as the other two games and that's why people complain, but really looking at the gaming market as a whole it was more than a decent ending IMO. -SupremeKotor
  9. Haha you know I've always liked SOTE. I'm currently working on a module of my own just to fine tube some of my skills and make sure I completly remember how to do everything as I was away for a while. After I finish my module I would be more than willing to talk with you more about this.

  10. As weird as I may seem I think you are all looking at this too pessimisticly. DarkHorse as a company will be perfectly fine. They make much more than just comics and just finished their most succsussful year ever do to licensing and selling of two of their comic plot lines to be made into video games. As a company they have nothing to worry about. As far as the comics go marvel is a skilled comic company and has actually been in the business of comics longer than darkhorse. They have some of the most skilled artist and writers. I woulden't worry too much about the future of starwars comics the one thing you can worry about though is comics that you follow now not getting the ending you hoped for.
  11. Haha I'll PM a mod about getting it moved scince it seems like we will be working on this together. Any chance you have any info on the .vert or .frag files? Also have you got it to respond to .ini changes? Edit: let's not hijack the thread. PM me when you get a chance.
  12. I suggest reading through the end of page one and through page two in this thread to see some of the research some of the other modders and myself have done on modding the mobile version. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=212313&page=2
  13. I unfortunatly can't take on that entire job Lynk, but I would be more than happy to help with that/the entire website in general(such as a moderator). I no longer play ToR so I wouldent be 100% up to date on it. If you ever need other help feel free to turn to me though.
  14. Just strictly going off the three already made logos... I REALLY like force buzz.
  15. I'm going to be honest if there's nothing you can do about the .net then ignore me. For the average Internet user as strange as it may sound .net,.gov,.edu are major turnoffs.... Love the site btw
  16. Keep in mind one victory dosent win a war. They got a victory even if its not enought to rule the world it's still one victory. As much as most people hate to admit it, these people knew they wouldent destroy America terrorists still know they can't, completly destroying us may be thier end goal but it's like no racism it can never truly 100% happen.
  17. I'm going to go off the interigation topic for a minute, and try to keep this short. He struck fear into everyone to some degree. That's a victory. Striking hope into a slave and striking fear into a free man are the only two true types of victory in this world. Look around at everything, everysingle thing revolves around hope and fear.
  18. I think we all understand full well that what needs to be said and what makes everyone happy to hear us usually quite different. In a serious topic I think you can't worry about what looks good on a number sticker but instead what needs to be said.
  19. Even though this is an old thread I was talking with a friend today and fealt like I would share this. It seems that atheism and Christianity bump heads alot so I'll use those two as my example. Lets say man#1 was athiest and man#2 was Christian. Lets day one day Christianity is wrong and atheism is the correct view neither man lost anything. But if one day Christianity is proven true then man#1 lost alot.
  20. I'm not necessarily saying this is exactly what we need but it seemed to work for another form my friend was telling me about. From the sound of it they were in about the same spot as us. They decided the solution was to make the forum a place that you can go to for more than just the average forum. They added things such as chat boxes and etc... But I think the biggest selling point was one of the members made a flash game (related to the subject of the forum) and hosted the game there. From here two more games were made and their attendance began to rise. People discussed both the topics in the forum and the games hosted on that forum. Other than that i think that this is a great idea and while I can't help with web design I would do as much as I could to help.
  21. I feel as if it depends on the Jedi. For some seeing Dantooine and the enclave may be just what they need, but for others that may just be too over whelming especially if they knew how many Jedi died there.
  22. Tis line sums up the top problem I see. Disney (and Lucas arts while they could have made a game) isn't dumb. They know there is intrest in a new RPG or even a kotor 3. But they have to ask themselves the question of wether or not it's enough intrest. There's tons of people they would have to hire just to make this game or any game a reality and Disney themselves dosent usually do extremly high end graphics so they would need people to do that, and dozens of other things. But in the end I still would like to see a new RPG I just don't think it will be seen anytime soon if we ever even see one.
  23. I feel this needs to be said because of the sensitive topic the way things are worded in this post really needs to be carful. We all(yes I need to remember this too and I'm fully admiting it) need to remember a swift kick in the ass may be the solution to some problems but others that may just make it worse. Allow me to use one of my horrible analogies: Lets say you need to make a nail go in farther, a hit with a hammer will solve this problem. But if you need to fix a crack ok your windshield a hot with a hammer will only make the problem worse. So lets all just please watch what were saying. More focused on the subject though, another thing people have to realize is someone I care about helping me through the situation is a solution to suicide. And I promise you the areguement I listed above is the first thing any inexperienced person will go to. Even if you google how to help someone in considering suicide that argument is almost always listed.
  24. Really? I was thinking more along the lines of Arc Systems Works, they have the resources, and have made similar games in the past.
  25. *******************Disclaimer******************** In zero way am I promoting suicide. That's your own choice and don't listen to what I'm saying. *********************************************** Now for the topic, we've all heard the classic argument "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". If you haven't heard this argument it is a common argument used by both big prevention corporations and normal people. I'm not going to beat around the bush, many of the problems that people commit suicide over are not temporary problems. I've even known a man that committed suicide because his parents died when he was 15. This is not a temporary problem, his parents could never come back. I've also heard the argument that suicide solves all the problems you could have, it solves all the permanent and temporary problems. Anyone who really thinks this through can easily justify suicide using this argument. Isn't it time that a better anti-suicide areguement is adopted? Or is this one is effective and fine?
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