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  1. Okay, I will remove the link, it's better that way. Thanks, really
  2. It is not allowed post links like this? I should delete the link then? I do not want to cause troubles
  3. Hello lovely boys and girls. I finally found a version of KotOR 2 that really works in my laptop, in my Intel Core Duo of 2.10 GHz with internal video memory of 256 mb. I have 4 gb of Ram, and believed or not I use Windows XP SP3. KotOR 1 always have run very well in my laptop, but with KotOR 2 always got the infamous crash after the character creation. I really hate that But, the Steam Edition works really well. I am witness of that, I have a copy of the Steam Edition, I'll really recommend. Cheers
  4. What you mean by fixes? ._.
  5. Damn The worst part is that I can not play Kotor II. I have the problem that when just created the Jedi, and the initial video is over, el game crashes. But Kotor I runs perfectly fine!.
  6. Hello to everyone Excuse me lovely boys and girls, am wondering if there is mod to Kotor I in which you can have Prestige Classes for the Jedis, like a Revan Jedi Sentinel to become Jedi Watchman Exist a thing like that? Hug and kisses to everyone (L)
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