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  1. Ohhhh i pray to the force gods that this mod isnt dead, please let Logan be working on it still!!
  2. i was thinking senpai, would installing the game on a flash drive maybe work?

  3. how would one do a clean install? by deleting every file that has to do with swKOTOR2 and then install using the sisk? my cousin and i did that, but it still became ROR! im using the star wars knights of the old republic collection that came out in 2012
  4. i think ill need those files that you offered to email me

  5. i uninstalled kotor 2 in hopes it would uninstall the ROR demo but to no avail. i have no files for the demo in my override or kotor 2 file at all and it STILL is ROR! im getting really annoyed at this point...

  6. -_- i played the demo it was awesome i just wish i could get it back to my old kotor 2 game.... im getting the feeling it wrote the mod to the disk....
  7. ok sounds like you removed the files from the override folder.


    There are also files in the module folder and the movies which need to be removed and place back with the original.


    There is a file 001EBO.modin the module folder which needs to be removed.


    Then you need to remove the the PerMov01.bik and put back the original


    Then you need to remove the the Credits.bik and put back the origin


    Let me know if you need any copies of the original files.


    Now if your saying you uninstalled Kotor2 and then re installed it with no RoR and it's not working? Then I will ask if you patched the kotor2 to 1.0b version.


    Let me know how i can help

  8. logan senpai! i need help! im trying to get it back to the regular kotor 2 but it didnt work and tried uninstalling kotor 2 but that didnt work! i dont have the files in the override file anymore that goes for ROR. can you help me uninstall ROR please?
  9. well be that way logan senpai! i cant wait for the full version to come out >w< it was soooo awshome shauce! i was a miraluka jedi guardian >w<
  10. If you played up to the scene where you talk to the red hair girl and a Duro - after you open that door it ends and the credits play- after it tosses you into a blue room since at the time I didn't know the code to send the player back to the main menu, =(


    I now know the code so the next release- Half of the full game will have this resolved.

  11. i got the mod to work and i played it but now im stuck in a blue room.... how do i get out of it?!
  12. I emailed the files

  13. yes i downloaded the origional dialouge.tlk folder and replaced the modified one but the problem is i accidently deleted the backup folder that the mod created and i dont have the feat.2da file anymor and i cant get it off the disk that has kotor 2 on it because i lost it. the reason could play kotor 2 is because i have the Kotor collection that came to the us in 2012, and either disk plays either game. Logan said he would email me the feat.2da file from his vanilla Kotor 2 whatever vanilla means ( i think it means un modded >w<)
  14. how do i uninstall the mod? i dont see any of the files from the mod from the patch in the modules or override folder
  15. Scuse me i downloaded the demo after hearing about it after just searching about kotor 3 when i was bored, i followed the steps exactly i added the modules from the rar file to the modules in Kotor 2 file same with the movies. I created a ne override file and named the old one ORG like it says to do. i added and changed the music score as needed , i added the voice actors files to the GBL file, and finally added ran the species feat mod. I must be doing something wrong because when i go to run the game it says Star wars knights of the old republic II: the sith lords has stopped working. it stopped working about the time i did the species mod because i checked the game to make sure i did everything right after each step and after the override step i sa the game menu for ROR what am i doing wrong :/
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