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  1. In dialogue after escaping Peragus, Kreia discusses how she came upon the Exile while they were on the Harbinger, in this exposition she repeatedly says "we" as if she were with someone during/prior to the opening sequence though when we first see her she is alone feigning death, along with T3 and the unconscious Exile aboard the Ebon Hawk. "You were difficult to find but coincidence was on our side. When I learned that you were on the vessel I knew the Sith would not be far behind. When we intercepted the Harbinger it was crippled drifting in space. It was a simple matter to board the ship and rescue you." I've also been wondering, how did Kreia find the Ebon Hawk to begin with, I believe T3 explains that he had left the Unknown Regions in search of help for Revan and so he tracked you down but this doesn't explain how Kreia came into the picture. Also, I believe in dialogue after your fight with Atris she reveals that she had arranged for the Exile to return to known space as a means of drawing out the Sith but what was the given reason to the Exile to explain why he/she was on board to Harbinger while it was on route to Telos to begin with, what could an Exiled Jedi have offered to the restoration efforts and is this even explained? One last question relating to the opening, what was the "ghost" Sith Warship that first dispatched Sion and the Assassin's to the Harbinger and why had it been attacking the Ebon Hawk? Because by this point Exile is still on the Harbinger and if the ship had been returning from the Unknown Regions after 5 years there would be little reason for the Sith operating at that time to have knowledge of its importance.
  2. Was wondering if there is still a lot of activity on the servers? I'm looking to start playing again.
  3. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Don't know if this has been posted before, but here is some interesting footage of an early build of KOTOR II. Anybody know if this is floating around somewhere on the internet for download? Would be cool to play it, if only to see the early concepts for the story - apparently Mira was a miner on Peragus and is with you for Telos in this build.
  4. i replayed the section of the game where you confront Atris and she basically says that she uses the Exile to draw out the Sith and arranged for him/her to return as well as leaking information about Exiles past.
  5. The games are timeless, I've been replaying both of them and they are still just as enjoyable.
  6. your deconstruction of Kreia's character in this debate is brilliant and spot on, she is meant to be unreliable more than anything and ultimately her motives aren't justfied nor is her commentary on Revan.
  7. TSL did quite a bit in the way of portraying the Jedi as the bad guys.
  8. Don't know if this is common for anyone else, but whenever I play my copy of TSL on XBox 360 it has a horrible time loading that section of the game. Rest works fine aside from framerate and sound issues.
  9. It's sad to think that KotOR II will never get the follow up it deserves. There was alot going on for a sequel and if we can gather anything from TSL about what a possible third game would have been like it is: -Involves Revan's ability to convert Jedi/Soldiers to betray there own people etc, Ancient Sith teachings? -Restoration of the Jedi/Republic/Mandalorians/Devastated Planets -Exploration of Unknown Regions/Revan plot payoff. Probably missing a few, and of course follow up to all the pivotal characters, hopefully K2 party members included. Obsidian should contact Disney and pitch a new game.
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