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  1. Oh yeah, the original menu is there too! I still have to implement the thumbnails, but other than that I managed to get every remaining feature to work as expected.
  2. Let's bring a more positive note to this thread So, about the original COMI GUI not being in ScummVM...
  3. Hoping that this can count as a detail, a very hidden one: COMI has a hidden old-style main menu in the code (I had to patch the executable to make it work). I guess that the kinda out of place palette for the "Are you sure you want to overwrite this game?" banner makes sense now
  4. I had a pretty big rant written here, where I explained once again that everything in ScummVM is *volunteer work* and if you're not okay with the direction it's currently taking you can do what I did and become a team member yourself, but even though I'm sick of the project getting crapped on for seemingly no good reason at all, I'd say this is not the place for this kind of discussions
  5. This is SO great!! I agree though, GOG and Steam should start supplying the EXE files at some point! The one thing that stood out for me is the suggestion box for the copy protection screen! That's insane and so cool! How did you do it? Is screen scraping involved in some measure? I am hoping this can be open sourced at some point, both for the educational value (you are a very experienced programmer and I'd have a lot to learn from your code), both for easier long term support and port developing. Also, I'm really glad this exists, this is fuel for some very healthy "competition" (even though I'd say this is not the right term): I now have this itch that I really want to scratch, which is implementing the original GUI and menu for COMI in ScummVM, and I have already begun the RE works for it
  6. Haha, no I didn't, I literally lifted the "Cursed" name and the idea from there though
  7. Ah the issue with MI2 is the duration of the OST, I unfortunately don't have time to re-perform all 2 hours of music, not mentioning all those iMUSE transitions... Also, thanks for all these kind words, I really do appreciate that!
  8. Thanks for the nice words about the Cursed soundtrack but I should really find some time to remix it and rerecord some drum and guitar parts... Jeez those are old
  9. We have been pretty much active on SCUMM lately thanks to the fact that the number of maintainers for this engine has grown up to four/five concurrent devs, so please send your bug reports and don't be scared to do so! Yes, the enhancements are on by default!
  10. Please, please please, DO file it on the bug tracker! We might fix it and mark it as an enhancement!
  11. I am literally hoping for the COMI rendition, to be elected as the official theme That, or anything which diligently uses live performers and (as a drummer I'm finnicky about this) a well written rhythmic section. Which means, no drum parts which are clearly not written by drummers (looking at you, MI1, 2 and 5)
  12. Hi everyone! I wanted to pass a message from eriktorbjorn himself (who, by the way, is unable to register to this forum since it appears there's an issue which prevents people receiving confirmation mails). He recently merged a great feature which allows for disabling with a toggle some of the SCUMM improvements not found in the original interpreters. This can be done in the "Game Options" dialog (not in the global options dialog); you can find a list here https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=SCUMM/Game_Enhancements for details on what the setting covers now (for instance, the character spacing setting in Mac Indy3 has been incorporated into the toggle). I personally find this very cool, this is a great way to have some cool enhancements while still being able to lend a hand to purists and let them play something closer to the original experience.
  13. Heya! I'm getting reports of some folks trying to register an account here and not being able to receive a confirmation mail (independently from which mail provider they use), could you please check if there's an issue within the registration phase?
  14. For the love of whoever-you-want, keep COMI away from Bill Tiller! Why is there such need as fixing what's not broken in the first place? The hope is that nobody would invest the amount of money necessary to make something more than what's actually useful, which is a remaster with the original clean and high resolution assets...
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