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  1. Thanks for the bug report @OzzieMonkey! Have you been using the latest dev build? Please try that one and tell me if it happens again (I did start a new game on Android a few days ago, now I'm on Blood Island, and I didn't encounter this problem) A little update on the ScummVM dev side: after this work was done (and there's still a Pull Request pending for Full Throttle) they asked me to go and properly decompile the original Digital iMUSE; this is gonna take A LOT. Luckily half the decompilation work was already done in 2008, but still, the hard part will be the integration o
  2. Done, this still doesn't work, but thanks a lot for your work and your help anyway
  3. Wait! I've found this one, and I confirm it works with the Italian version: https://mega.co.nz/#!2AcSyKoR!hezuWT3gJy6kxbtNNUsZRBHBJRMnHYEN6zV9DPhQuf8 No music though...
  4. I've done everything you mentioned, still no dice I might be able to "get" the english version, just to see if my pc is the problem or not. Could it be helpful?
  5. No problem! - Yes, I changed the resolution to 1366x786 - Yes, I did - Yes, I did - No, it doesn't, even with compatibility settings
  6. Hi Benny, I've tried your installer: it works just fine. I've tried your launcher: when I click on "play", nothing happens. I checked the task manager, Monkey4.exe is sitting there doing nothing and just keeps my cpu busy for no reason. Thanks for your hard work, Andrew EDIT: I'm running Windows 8.1 x64, I have the Italian version
  7. As promised, update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/znb82aa1nolgfj8/introCMI.mid
  8. Never thought of that, but I guess it doesn't accept MIDIs, that's the main problem On the other hand, I'll definitely upload the other mp3 files on SoundCloud, thanks
  9. This project is absolutely not dead, I have two pieces near completion but I have to study for my finals until 11th of this month Stay tuned!
  10. And while MI Theme is reaaally near to completion... What could it be? http://www.mediafire.com/download/t37ghvkkvi9f8h7/wip1.mid
  11. I'll do my best In the while, after a very short conversation with Peter McConnell on facebook, here's what I got hold on: http://www.mediafire.com/play/xi3vhq408d2hwt1/Voodoo_Lady_MI2.mp3 This is just a MI2 midi with a VST arrangement, as the title suggests. But listen to those sounds, do they remind you something?
  12. Thanks guys, really But as far as I know, that demake project was dead Anyway, here's an update for you: http://www.mediafire.com/?xbtcqzgx7a19b9j This is like... 50% of the entire and complete work for the main theme It's got: Drums Percussions Bass Rhythm Guitar Lead Guitar MT-32 Organ (it still needs some corrections here and there, but... yes, there actually IS a MT-32 Organ in the recording, and it looks like it's taken directly from MI1, and so I did; and, as Land did on the recording, I still have to make some adjustments)
  13. The OldSchool project gave me an idea: what if I sequenced note-by-note, instrument-by-instrument some of the great tracks played by top quality players (including Michael Land himself on electric bass) in this great game? I tried to capture every single note (man, even the errors, when possible), even with the limitations of General Midi (for instance, timbales have a great variety of sounds, even though they are just two pieces of drums, and General Midi has only got two sounds for them, high and low). So far, here they are: Stan's theme: Download! (click here) Dow
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