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  1. Well then, that's good to know! Have you gotten started yet?
  2. Sure thing! Here's a gameplay video of this game: If you're interested, you can Google it; it'll give you hundreds of results to view! And if you type "star" in YouTube, check out what the first suggested result is...
  3. So, I recently started playing "Star Wars: Commander" on my Android phone. And I've been hooked on it ever since I started it! The gameplay is awesome and the game is essentialy a huge SW fan-base community that keeps growing! The time you have to wait in order to build and upgrade your base is a little frustrating sometimes, but other than that, I really enjoy this game! Are there any other fellow Commander fans out there? If you happen to be one, Imperial or Rebel, report to this thread ASAP! I mean, if your base is being upgraded and you have some time to spare, why not join this thread and brag about your accomplishments, your-oh-so-special-base (post pics if you wish) and your kickass squad (recruitments are welcome)? Also, please, no flame wars between Imperials and Rebels! Yeah, I know we're all most polite to each other, but there is atendency for flame wars to start when a Rebel Commander and an Imprerial Commander meet. All in all, we do not have to bash other players on base schemes, even if we all know that the Rebels kick Imperial asses! (Just kidding, guys! Kinda...) What are you waiting for, Commander? JOIN THE CONFLICT- err, I mean FORUM-NOW!!!
  4. ...and the game WORKS! :eek:You really are the boss, HH! How can I thank you enough, man? THANKYOUTHANKYOU. Ahem. But what did V-sync have to do with it I wonder? Pretty much what I had to deal with, but on pc...Fortunately though, thanks to HH, the problem's solved. And since I am back to playing TSL again, it means I get to spend more time around here. YEEHAW!!
  5. After being away from TSL for a long time, I decided to install the game in my new PC to enjoy its epicness again. If only I knew what was gonna happen:( So here I am, having started a new game. I get out of my bacta tank, find Kreia, open that door with that plasma torch, then move on to the next door and here's the problem... As soon as I engage an enemy, I cannot move the PC. Even after I defeat the enemy. In other words, I engage a mining droid, defeat it and my character refuses to move and stays put, since, everytime I press the wasd buttons, I only manage to have the camera turn around... The only way to continue is to save, load and repeat... every single time I encounter an enemy. Is this a problem caused by incompatible mods? (Unlikely I think, but before saying anything more, I inform you that I have been extremely careful while choosing which mods to install this time.) Or maybe is it because I got a new PC, which has win7 installed and not xp? Long story short, has anybody encountered a simillar problem before? Any help will be unimaginably appreciated!
  6. Started watching "Strike Witches" and "Invaders Of The Rokujyoma", which seems to be pretty good stuff...
  7. The day I heard he had passed away, I could barely believe it. And I didn't know that this golden-hearted, beloved and funny as hell actor actually was horribly depressed. Goodbye, Captain, and RIP. You will never be forgotten.
  8. My friend, you must be the luckiest guy in the world... Long story short, that PC is a frickin' killer. It will play modern games such as Rivals, GTA 5, Watchdogs and Battlefront 4 like a charm. So no worries:thmbup1:
  9. And now, here we are, merely a few hours away from witnessing the final battle between Messi's La Albiceleste and Muller's Panzers. Who's gonna win? My money's on Germany tonight, although I support both teams. I hope we get see exceptional football tonight. What do you folks think?
  10. Well, my 2 favorite SW characters fighting? Oh snap... As many have already said, it depends on the circumstances. If it's a close fight, Grievous rips HK to pieces. But if HK is 2km away from Grievous, he gets to snipe the hell out of him and win. And also, don't forget that they're pretty much equal in terms of tactics: HK is the master of surprise and stealth, but what the CIS managed to do, that being conquer half the galaxy, was the General's doing. And he did it with B1 BATTLE DROIDS! Also, don't forget, Grievous isn't as stupid as some of you think. He saw through a plan Obi-Wan and Anakin had envisoned before they even got it to start! In other words, he'd be careful around any droid, even a disguised HK (Grievous wasn't a huge fan of droids, you know.) Finally, HK's algorithms are 4000 old, but that grands him far more experience... but Grievous was a prodigy in lightsaber duels (he once defeated 2 Jedi Council members, 2 Jedi Knights, 2 Padawans and an ARC squad while dealing with a clone gunship AT THE SAME TIME. And he did it with 2 lightsabers only.) All in all, it gets down to this: If it's close combat, it's Grievous;if it's from a distance, it's HK.
  11. Urghh... I would like to support my country, Greece, but it's pointless, so moving on... (I'd root for Japan too, but they're following us throught the exit door, so...) Then it's Spain-wait, they were knocked out that fast? What the hell? All that's left for me to support now is Argentina and Germany (and Russia, if they make it with that goalkeeper of theirs). Personally, I'd fancy a good Germany VS Netherlands final myself... I also feel sorry for the Australians, they gave it everything they had but didn't make it. Yet, I salute you, Kangaroos, well played football indeed!
  12. I know that... However, we're talking about downloading a game whose size is about 20GB and my internet connection is bad... I am just wondering if there is another, painless way...
  13. OK First of all, I express my sincere apologies, since I know bumping is against the rules, BUT if you are kind to read the whole thing, you'll probably see why I'm mad.:mad: I bought Arkham City yesterday and attempted to install it on my brand new PC. Everytime I attempt to start the installation, it gives me this: CD: "No AppID configured":raise: In other words, I gave away 20 f#@!ing euros to get a game that doesn't work at all! Has anyone here playing the game experienced a similar problem? And if so, how did you manage to fix it? PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU'RE READING THIS!
  14. True... that's what made me think of making a mod such as this when I started this thread.
  15. Started with High School DxD... up to date with it... even watched the season 2 specials that are subbed in Spanish and I don't understand a thing... found out about it through Deviantart. Also, watching Beyblade Metal Saga, but haven't completed it. Finally, I've watched all Beywheelz episodes...
  16. Sad but true. And also, unfair. Some old games are not only entertaining and funny, but also very diffucult. For example, I have a game about 20 years old, called "Submarines". It takes 5 minutes to understand what you have to do, but more than 5 years to finish it. Same goes for an old version of "Space Invaders". Obnoxiously difficult. Frankly, games like "Medal of Honour" and "Call of duty" are pushovers when compared to those oldies when it comes to difficulty level.
  17. I really like Twi'leks... or should I say, Twi'lek females. I think you can all understand why. But my favorite race would be the Trandoshans for sure... probably because of their creepy voices, lizard-like designs and physical strength.
  18. I mostly love the characters (especially HK-47)... Also love the level designs (Manaan, M4-78, Telos IV)... Finally, the dialogues... I literally memorised every line HK spoke out and that also helped me improve my English quite a bit, both in grammar and vocabulary... I can actually say that I was way ahead of everyone in english class just because of KOTOR:)
  19. Big mistake. It's the best by a mile!
  20. I'll second that... Wait,no, I'll... 22nd that:p
  21. I saw the trailer and I originally thought it was a videogame... Ahem... I like seeing good, gold movies getting more sequels, but somehow, I believe scriptwriting is getting worse by the minute in those days. Let's hope that's not the case here...
  22. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Rebuilding_the_Jedi_Enclave;98081 This is the one I have.
  23. Right... By the way, Hassat Hunter, here's one quick question: Is the "Rebuilding The Jedi Enclave" mod included in TSLRCM? I think I recall seeing that it is somewhere, but I am not sure. So...
  24. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter. I think I should be a little more specific now, though: - The Bounty Hunter mod uses tslpatcher and affects classes.2da, featgain.2da and skills.2da. But since it does use the patcher, I was hoping it could be compatible. - The Ebon Hawk Cargo mod needs to place Atton's, Bao-Dur's and T3-M4's dlg files, plus some other files in the override manually, so I guess they are probably not compatible. However, I found the new scripts attached in this mod's dlg files and put them in TSLRCM’s respective dlg files. Maybe this could work out... - The Curse Of The Sith mod uses tslpatcher, adds a ton of files in override and only affects ambientmusic.2da, so I see no reason why this shouldn't work (actually, I've played this mod while having TSLRCM installed as well and it worked like a charm, but I had got to Korriban using cheats, so I don't know if it breaks the game somewhere else) - The Combat Simulation Arena mod uses tslpatcher and adds a few files in override, but affects almost all 2da files. I don't know... - The Ebon Hawk Smugglers Compartment mod doesn’t use tslpathcer and needs to place k_003ebo_enter.ncs, 004_ebo_enter.ncs and 003_ebo_enter.ncs, as well as upgrade.2da in the override manually, so it might as well be the culprit. And at most times, it doesn’t work. - The Kreia's Mechanical Hand mod doesn’t use tslpatcher and needs to place some scripts in the override, as well as feat.2da. Suspicious... - The Onderon Palace Expanded mod uses tslpatcher, replaces Tobin’s dlg file and modifies upcrystals.2da. Hadn’t it been for that dlg file, I’d say I can’t find a reason for this mod not to be compatible with TSLRCM. - About Rebuilding The Jedi Enclave mod… I am pretty sure you’re right, I think I read that it is already included somewhere, but I am not 100% positive. - The Remote Unlimited mod only edits the appearance.2da file with tslpatcher, so I believe it must be compatible. - The Slums Of Telos mod has already given me gameplay issues once. NPCs from Onderon started appearing in Telos Station… You don’t get to use tslpathcer, you place a ton of files in the override, along with some dlg files from Grenn and also, globalcat.2da. If you asked me to bet my money on this one about ruining the game, I would. - The Suvam Tan mod uses tslpathcer, modifies appearance.2da but also replaces the k_enter_302.ncs and k_enter_601.ncs files. I am not certain about this one. - The High Stakes Pazaak mod doesn’t use tslpathcer and replaces all dlg files related to pazaak players you face during the game. If TSLRCM didn’t bring any changes to those dlg’s, then they must be compatible. - The Luxa Quest mod is just Luxa’s dlg file that you have to manually place in the override. Did TSLRCM bring any changes to this dlg file? If so… - Finally, the Sparring Gauntlets / Carth Pager mod doesn’t use tslpatcher and requires to manually place some files, including the spells.2da file in the override. The latter might be acting up and messing up the game. Overall, I’d say I have some leads on the mods that are causing damage, but I am standing by to see if anyone that has actually used those mods with TSLRCM can reply to this thread and enlighten me…
  25. Like you, I don't know what happened and I am too wondering why LucasForums went down for a couple of days... But right now, I'm just happy that it's back up:)
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