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  1. "Auto saves and quick saves are all I have ever used, all I have ever needed." You obviously like to live life on the edge For me if I plan on putting 50+ hours into a game, multiple save files are a must. Not doing so would be an extremely unnecessary risk.
  2. I've seen different fan projects from a variety of games in the past and unfortunately one thing a lot of them have in common is that they never seem to get finished and become playable. This on the other hand looks very well made and I can tell that no matter how long it takes to be complete it is still going to be worked on in the future. Can't wait to see what is added next and keep up the good work!
  3. Finally a year of waiting for an answer has come to an end! :p

    I had forgotten all about it honestly.

  4. I dont know what guide you read, but you do NOT have to save Hendar. That is just a nice act you can do to help out the Outcasts, it isn't even a quest. As for Mission, I'm not exactly sure what you have to do to make her spawn, but you need to make sure you have finished up any other MAIN quests you can do beforehand. Afterwards you can find her by walking out of the gates to the Outcast village. She should trigger right around that area, no need to go through the sewers yet.
  5. Being neutral actually does have it's advantages, although I'm not sure they outweigh the disadvantages. You won't be able to get lightside/darkside mastery and the benefits that come with it, however since you are not tied to either side of the force, you will be able to cast all force powers. You also have more freedom in the game. Instead of being nice to everyone and doing the right thing or just being a complete jerk, you can treat everyone differently and be more natural.
  6. I'm not the cutscene/dialogue/tutorial skipping kind of guy. I always watch them fully the first time in video games and afterwards if I replay it I will skip sometimes, but with KOTOR it's different. I love the characters so much that literally no matter how many times I play it I never get tired of hearing what the NPC's and especially the main characters have to say. It's one of those games where if I stopped playing and decided to give it another go a decade later, I would probably remember the majority of what people say. The game just really took me in and still does to this day.
  7. THat's pretty cool very interesting. I've never loved a group of characters so much in a video game before until I played KOTOR.
  8. I'm not saying it won't be a good movie, hell it could be the best movie of 2014, but it's not like the Marvel movies made in the past. The average person knew who Spider Man was before the movies were made, but a lot of people, even fans of Marvel aren't aware of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I can see a lot of the die hard comic books fans going to see it and anyone that thinks it looks interesting, but it's definitely not a mainstream movie.
  9. True, although ironically TSL included that detail yet rushed the game overall.
  10. I agree, although that is what makes those games feel all the more real. Minecraft, DayZ, 7 Days to Die, and Rust are some that I can think of. And I believe Rust is like DayZ except without zombies. It's more about surviving in the wilderness and protecting yourself from wild animals and enemy players.
  11. I saw the original Robocop trilogy and loved it! The concept was really cool and the first movie was actually pretty good, however the second two were goofy, but that's to be expected with a lot of sequels. I love a GOOD remake and this is one that I thought would never happen. I'm hopeful that it won't be a flop and will instead be a quality action flick.
  12. The last thing I heard from Lynk Former was that the things posted here would be archived for continued viewing.
  13. Ugh I was going to say that beat me too it! And regardless of why it happened the good news is that it's up and running so yay.
  14. I'm not sure there is a good chance of that happening, but I would definitely like to see that as well. With the recent release of the game on smartphones and tablets after so many years it doesn't seem impossible.
  15. I think I'm going to change my opinion of Carth. He's a character that I'm like what's this guys deal in the beginning and then once you gain his trust he becomes more likeable. And he is a bit more powerful than I made him out to be.
  16. Atton Rand, Bao-Dur, Disciple, Handmaiden, and Mira can all become jedi and at the same time.
  17. I don't celebrate new year OFFENDED lol jokes! Merry Everything to Everyone! Have a great day and may the force be with you.
  18. No it just recently came out for iPhone which is awesome! It's one of the few "hardcore" games on the App Store that isn't a new release. It's just that popular.
  19. The Escape Pod is full of cookies! Goes great with blue milk!
  20. These are legit all great, although I think even the most ridiculous name would look appealing if put in a fancy shmancy logo.
  21. If I had A LOT of extra spending money I would, but unfortunately I don't, so I'll just let all of the bugs and glitches get worked out and if I'm really interested I'll buy a new console after the holidays.
  22. https://www.facebook.com/groups/18468824200/ If you're on Facebook and haven't joined then you should! So how many of the 94 members are still active? Does anyone still check it out? I just joined and hope it will be more active in the future as well as the new website and any other form of social media LucasForums is a part of.
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