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  1. Greetings. Are constitution retroactive, like toughness for example? For example will be difference in my end HP if i start with 16 const and later boost it with 2 more and if i start with 18 ?
  2. Constitution - represents health and resiliency. A high Constitution adds modifiers to the vitality points gained at each level up. This is important for everyone, but essential for soldiers and Jedi guardians. ---- So my question is, how much vitality/health points constitution give per level. How much will give me if i start with 16 and how much if i start with 18 ? Thanks in advance.
  3. I decide to play and finish the game once again. What you think its better to focus on str, or on dex with lightsaber? Also what is more fun to play ? And if i decide to go with str, should i still place point into dex and how much ? I usually go with this stat for str: Soldier/Guardian Str - 16 dex - 12 Con - 16 Int - 8 Wisd - 14 Char - 8 What is better 14 at Wisd, or 14 at Dex ? ------------------------------ And for Dex Scoundrel/Consular Str - 10 Dex - 18 Con - 10 Int - 8 Wisd - 16 Char - 8 Is this good ? Also what attack is best for dex build ? Critical or Flurry ?
  4. Forget to mention that im not sure how to calculate the numbers, cause Valor is for too short duration, only 20 sec, and never rly use it, so dont to calculate the numbers with or without him, cause he give +5 to all attributes, and that change all, cause modifier is imporant. Will appreciate help on this also.
  5. The Build is ranged with 2x pistols. Level 8 Scoundrel and level 12 Consular will be final char. Never play different then soldier/guardian, so not sure a few things. Ofc i will be ok, but i go absolutely perfection. I will be light sider(full) and will get + 3 char from Consular bonus. Also my items will be: Write only the attribute: Star Forge Robes = +5wisdom Circlet of Saresh = 5wisdom Total of 10 wisdom from items ------------------- Karakan Gauntlets = 1dex Adrenaline Stimulator = 2dex Advanced Alacrity Impant = 5dex Total of 8 dex from items. Force Powers will be = Master Valor, Heal, Destroy Droid, Master Speed, Stasis field and the last one will go to Affect mind, so to have 2 in attacking, and 3 down i will not use affect anyway, but 1 points left, and no better place for it. So for the main question, what will be best for stats, and will 17 BASE wisdom be enough to cast successful stasis and Destroying Droid Force Power, and to prevent any force powers on Me. Must take in mind, that i will get Force Focus on Consular Class, and that will help also for sure. I got 3 Choices in MIND, here is it: First: STR = 8 Dex = 17 + 5 from the rest attribute i got = 22 base + 8 from gear = 30dex + 5 from Valor 35. Con = 10 Wisd = 17 + 10 from gear = 27 total + 5 from Valor = 32, the score is even, what we need, cause mod is the imporant. This mean + 11 modifier. Char = 10 + 3 from LS BONUS = 13 + 5 from Valor = 18. This mean + 4 midifer. -------------------------------------------------------- Next one: STR = 8 Dex = 18 + 5 from levels = 23 base Con = 10 Wisd = 16 + 10 = 26 = main question, will that be enough to cast 100% successful FP and be protected from FP ? Char = 10 + 3 = 13 from LS Bonus -------------------------------------------------------- Last one: STR = 8 Dex = 16 + 4 all other levels = 20 base Con = 10 WIS = 17 + 1 from level 4 = 18 base Char = 13 + 3 = 16 What will be the best in your opinion ?
  6. Greetings. Decide to once again play Kotor 1, this time with Ranged Char. So i have a question about HK-47 Droid, when you repair him, did you get bonus for your character(main character, not the Droid), or repair give bonuse only for him ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Greetings guys. I got tough choices to make. I start my attributes like this: str - 16 dex - 14 con - 16 int - 8 Wisd - 12 Char - 8 So i spend 2 more into cons, so my cons now is 18. Im lvl 12 and thinking, what will be better to spend 2 more, and the rest into str, or spend all to str ? Im Dark side.
  8. You can get unlimited DS Points from him. One last question, +5 maximum force points bonus that you get from Ithorian as rewards, means only 5 Force Points ? Or its calculate different ?
  9. I dont mind to get few ls points. I will use the glitch from Mossa for DS points, so im relaxed about ls/ds points. I will be full dark after Telos for sure. I was curuios if have some difference later in the game, but if not i got no problem and will side with Ithorian. Thanks.
  10. Greetings. Im Playing for Dark Side, but want + 5 maximum force points bonus from Ithorian, have any difference if i go for Ithorian, not Czerka ?
  11. I check it, and its work. You get 2-16 bonus from both, so nice. Today ill start my campaing for the Dark Side. May the Force Be With Me.
  12. Greetings. In Kotor 2 you get mastery bonus for your main character and when you get prestige classes you get again bonus. Let me explain what i mean: If you start as a Jedi Guardian and you get 100% light you get +3str, when you get your prestige classes you get additional +3str and you get total 6str for the mastery bonus. For that is ok, but i want to play Dark Side, and go for Jedi Guardian and Sith Marauder. At some place i read the bonus stack and you get 1-8dmg from Guardian and 1-8 from Marauder for totall of 2-16 slashing dmg. But in other place its say that you get only 1-8 dmg. For light side mastery im 100% sure you get 6str, but not sure for dark side mastery. Thats my question, hope someone know for sure. Thanks in advance.
  13. Greetings. I got problem with Battlefront 2. I got lag/freeze in single player mode and its notplayable. PC 2GB RAM Pentium dual core 2.20 GeForce 9600 520MB Thanks in advance guy. Just to mention i try the things with lower settings and set affinity to 1 cpu, and the lag stay ...
  14. Thanks a lot guys. I know the quest and how to complete it, but wasnt sure if i get the quest in my Quest Book when i first speak with her, like i get Carth Quest. THanks a lot again guys.
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