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    I like to do things like making games, but Modding is harder than actually making a video game! In games i'm making a 2d side scroller with friends, i do music, sprites, voice acting and story
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    Washington, United States
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    Making games, modding (if i ever figure it out) doctor who
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    Carls Jr.
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    SW:KOTOR:TSL or Yoda Stories
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  1. edit: thank you for your time any one who read the previous post i have now unwritten, I apologize for the promotion to my channel I just wanted feedback, nevermind though, you didn't seem forthcoming to help someone on a hobby. I think i may leave this place for a while. I enjoy some of you guys, but i don't like husks, and that's kind of what this place feels like; a Husk
  2. I would change the hierarchy of villains to kreia, nahilis, sion rather than kreia sion nahilis.
  3. Well, in a bit, I still have to get the jumble not to look like word vomit, lol. Idk if its good or not, give me a few weeks and ill have got something hopefully enticing, not grammatically; i am terrible with grammar. :3
  4. I tried modding and couldn't wrap my head around it. But after kind of drifting away from forums and such I was wondering if anyone here would want to read and possibly critique some of my stories. These aren't Star Wars related but stories I wrote/ have written in the past that I thought just aren't ready to publish yet. Mostly due to grammatical issues I have but partially due to not having enough of the world fleshed out in my opinion. Does that sound interesting to you guys? Or not really? If not I'll just go back to lurking again
  5. Mine is an origin that is sad, when I first came here duck was taken, and so I added from portal from another forum I had frequented at the time. Now I barely frequent forums and duckfromportal is wasted. . . But my gaming one is fun it is Bjaukerdauken which no one can pronounce properly:3
  6. I would like to have a console on the ebon hawk in kotor 2 which allows me to switch out party members. so possibly the one in the security area. Here is how I think it would work or at least an example of how it might work in its simplest format. You access the security console next to the cockpit and star map console. the console opens up a normal computer screen hud from the game with the following options: *1)Add party member 2)remove party member 3)track/untrack influences on characters 4)exit console *Say for slot 1-9 after the add, (if you have an open slot) you would have the slots available to visas, kreia, hand-maiden/disciple, hanhar/mira, atton, t3-m4, mandalore, hk 47, bao dur, and goto. 1)so add would not be accessible or say error if all slots were closed and allotted to other characters (so error All slot are currently taken) 2)Remove would allow you to remove a character from the party selection screen, but allow them to remain on the ebon hawk fr there stories and quest lines. (Remove would bring up a screen with all current party selectable people as cited above and or give you the options of the closed slots allotted people or just the slot names) 3) have the game track all influences as a seperate number assigned to every character to possibly allow for influence still to be gained by party members? 4)Exit Anyways a while ago i heard both-games had a hard-coded amount of party members and was trying to think of a solution to the issue, I don't know if this would work, But if it would I'd love to see it tried at least. If someone already tried this or if the characters are assigned a certain designation that makes it extremely difficult to do this in game, could some one tell me so i dont have to think about it any more. thank you for your time and hopefully a mod that allows me to have hanharr and mira and desciple and handmaiden but no kreia or goto.
  7. Ok, so I'm trying this again, but specifying and even task to get myself a foot in the door, ( long trims no mention of this for nothing sorry guys) what I want to do is : 1) add a character to the inside of Khonsu, either a normal npc or one I decided to put in there from one of the other planets, I e a refugee from nar shada a 2) figure out how to move them Around, first from point a to b then to a to be to c 3) figure out how to change their name, If anyone would be interested in helping me either message me on this forum or pm me, I have no talent towards this yet and still am trying to wrap my head around t, but I do want to learn to mid this particular game so I can make this mod aimu free time for fun Edit by interested in helping me I mean helping teach me, at least for now not helping with the overall project, that will be my burden
  8. I do, I wa factually going to mention it this time, I lurk mostly
  9. Invisibility from fantastic four Night crawlers version of teleportation DominAte mind from kotor Invincibility like supermans, so Charged invincibility by the sun And the ability to read minds like prof caviar I pick tese ones for entertainment value and for business ventures:p
  10. I'm pretty sure it would still be porting, as well as illegal I think. I was asking about making dantooine into kotors version for talks so that the battle with the meets could have two bases and a final stand on either side, someone said no and I thought it was for that reason. Also I would Enjoy him killing everyone in the room, he betrayed his master and as stated by g0t0 he lacks the finese of revan
  11. really? Darn, do you have an earlier save game? maybe start earlier in the mission
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