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  1. Thanks you guys helped a lot. Should have her after Onderon.
  2. So I've been thinking. After I complete the current save I'm on. I am going to try and make a force only (DS) character. Wht should my stats be? Wht kind of armour/robes to wear. What kind of characters should I take with me to planets? All of this would be useful. Thanks guys )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. I forgot when you get visa? someone jog my memory plz!
  4. Lol I just had a saber fight and won
  5. Hi. Thanks for replying. I'm on my last planet now I'm ds and got 25 stre 21 dex got my best crystals but wht are crushes?
  6. Hi all. I've played this game many times now but I have however only gotten to the end part against Kreia Once! (due to me giving up) . The one time when I did get to this end part. I DIED. What gear should I use? >Gauntlets >Robes >Sabers >Crystals >Powers. Thanks
  7. I went with Ithorians when I was darkside. I got 5 force pnts and no ls or ds modifiers
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